Kathryn Berry to represent JCU at Asia-Pacific 3MT Finals

@JCU Kathryn Berry to represent JCU at Asia-Pacific 3MT Finals

Congratulations to Kathryn Berry, who will be representing JCU at the Asia-Pacific 3MT Finals at the University of Queensland in Brisbane on September 30.

Ms Berry will be representing JCU in place of Ms Geraldine Buitrago, who will no longer be able to compete in the Asia Pacific finals, as HDR students must have had their candidature confirmed.

Ms Berry’s topic will be: Microplastics: an emerging contaminant in the Great Barrier Reef.

Ms Berry is from JCU’s College of Science and Engineering and is an AIMS@JCU student.

Her abstract:

There are increasing concerns that emerging contaminants such as microplastics may be harming marine species and ecosystems. Due to their ubiquitous presence, all marine biota are at risk of interacting with microplastics and ingestion by marine biota is well-documented. Research into impacts and risks posed by these contaminants is increasing in Australia, and we are currently developing increased baseline information on the quantity and distribution of microplastics within the coastal environment of the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef (GBR). This presentation highlights new findings of microplastic contamination in beach and reef sediments from the GBR.

Ms Berry will be up against 50 competitors from across Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

There will be one semi-final round in the morning from where the top 10 overall are chosen for the finals in the afternoon.

The event can be live streamed at http://threeminutethesis.org/asiapac-3mt-livestream


Approximately 120 staff, students and invited guests attended the JCU finals of the 3MT event on September 13 at the Townsville, Cairns and Singapore campuses.  In the next couple of weeks some of the presentations will be uploaded onto YouTube.

Winners of the 3MT Finals were:

  • Established Career Researcher – Professor Lionel Hebbard - CPHMVS
  • Early Career Researcher – Dr Roger Huerlimann – CSE – TropWATER
  • HDR winner – Ms Geraldine Buitrago - CPHMVS
  • Overall Winner – Ms Geraldine Buitrago – CPHMVS
  • People’s Choice – Ms Geraldine Buitrago - CPHMVS

Awards were also given on the night to winners of the Advisors of the Year Awards and Dean’s Awards for HDR Excellence. 

Advisor of the Year for the following categories were:

  • Primary Advisor of the Year – Professor Andrew Baird (ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies) and A/Professor Kirsten Heimann (College of Science and Engineering)
  • Early Career Advisor of the Year – Dr Theresa Petray (College of Arts, Society and Education)
  • Advisory Panel of the Year – Professor Gianna Moscardo (College of Business, Law and Governance) and Associate Professor Laurie Murphy (College of Business, Law and Governance)
  • HDR Advisor Special Recognition Award – Dr Catherine Rush (College of Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Sciences)

Dean’s Award for HDR Excellence were awarded to:-

1. Dr Gregory Boyle, Doctor of Philosophy (Physics)

'The Modelling of Non-equilibrium Light Lepton Transport in Gases and Liquids.'

Primary Advisor: Prof Ronald White

Co-Advisor: A/Prof Daniil Kosov

Co-Advisor: Sullivan Prof James

Co-Advisor: Dr Jim Mitroy

2. Dr Antonius Cahya Prihandoko, Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology)

‘Rights protection of digital content in the DRM environment'

Primary Advisor: A/Prof Bruce Litow

Co-Advisor: Dr Hossein Ghodosi

3. Ms Lennie Geerlings, Master of Philosophy (Interdisciplinary Studies)

'Cultural Negotiations in Transnational Knowledge: Cases of Clinical Psychology from the Malay Archipelago and Beyond'

Primary Advisor: A/Prof Anita Lundberg

Co-Advisor: A/Prof Claire Thompson

Co-Advisor: Prof Stephen Naylor

Co-Advisor: Prof Rosita Henry

4. Dr Georgina Gurney, Doctor of Philosophy (Coral Reef Studies)

'Understanding and Integrating Socioeconomic Factors into the Design and Management of Marine Protected Areas'

Primary Advisor: Prof Robert Pressey

Co-Advisor: Prof Cinner Joshua

Co-Advisor: Dr Natalie Ban

5. Dr Melanie Hamel, Doctor of Philosophy (Coral Reef Studies)

'Coral-reef Conservation Planning in Regions with High Resource Dependence: Integrating Lessons from Socioeconomic and Biodiversity Approaches.'

Primary Advisor: Prof Robert Pressey

Co-Advisor: Dr Serge Andrefouet

Co-Advisor: Dr Louisa Evans

6. Dr Vinnitta Mosby, Doctor of Philosophy (Social Work)

'”Living in Two Worlds”: Torres Strait Islanders' Experiences of Contemporary Out-movement'

Primary Advisor: Prof Tsey Komla

Co-Advisor: A/Prof Wendy Earles

7. Dr Bronson Philippa, Doctor of Philosophy (Physics)

'Charge Transport in Organic Solar Cells'

Primary Advisor: Prof Ronald White

Co-Advisor: A/Prof Mohan Jacob

Co-Advisor: Dr Almantas Pivrikas

Co-Advisor: Dr Paul Meredith

8. Dr Michelle Redman-MacLaren, Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine)

'The Implications of Male Circumcision Practices for Women in Papua New Guinea, Including for HIV Prevention'

Primary Advisor: Prof Jane Mills

Co-Advisor: Prof William McBride

Co-Advisor: Prof Richard Speare

9. Dr Nandini Velho, Doctor of Philosophy (Tropical Ecology)

'Conservation Challenges of Wet-Tropical Nature Reserves In North-East India'

Primary Advisor: Prof William Laurance