Kathryn takes out award for excellence in teaching

@JCU Kathryn takes out award for excellence in teaching

Kathryn takes out award for excellence in teaching 

A Townsville Hospital doctor has been recognised for excellence in teaching by medical students from James Cook University, earning a prestigious joint JCU-Townsville Hospital award.

Endocrinology advanced trainee Dr Kathryn Berkman was awarded the Ben Previtera Teaching Award, founded in 2008, to recognise the undergraduate teaching done by the hospital’s registrars.

Dr Berkman said she was honoured to receive the award.

“Teaching is a big part of being a doctor and it’s something I really enjoy doing,” she said.

“Having an enthusiastic teacher can make a huge difference to learning, which I always keep in mind when teaching.

“It also helped that I had a great group of students; they were always prepared and very eager to learn.”

Program coordinator Dr Vasant Shenoy said the award was created to recognise the significant effort that registrars put into the teaching of their junior peers

“Ben Previtera was an eminent clinician and this prize is awarded in his honour each year to the best performing registrar for clinical teaching of bedside skills in medicine to fourth-year students of JCU,” Vasant said.

“Teaching benefits not only the fourth-year students by preparing them for their fifth year, but also allows the registrars to teach broader medicine outside their specific specialty.

“It is a great learning experience for all involved; it helps keep our registrars own clinical skills sharpened,  allows advanced trainees to integrate teaching with their busy hospital jobs as well as giving them an opportunity to reflect on their own performance – a key attribute to being a good physician.

“Louis L’Amour once said ‘knowledge is like money: to be of value it must circulate; only then it can increase in quantity and hopefully, in value.

“I think that is very fitting when it comes to teaching the doctors of tomorrow.”

Vasant said Dr Berkman was selected by the student feedback using de-identified codes.

“A big congratulations to Kathryn for winning the award,” Vasant said.

“The feedback scores have been quite close with all our registrars receiving excellent feedback and I must thank each and every one of them who have done such an amazing job in teaching our students and living up to the Hippocratic Oath.”

Dr. Vasant Shenoy runs the program with TTH and JCU clinical rotations facilitator Helen Britton, academic co-ordinator for the year 4 MBBS program Dr. Paula Heggarty and clinical dean, Townsville and Mater campus, JCU Dr. Sabe Sabesan.