Launch of the OneWelfare portal

@JCU Launch of the OneWelfare portal

Launch of the OneWelfare portal - an online portal to assist veterinarians with ethical dilemmas

Veterinary schools in Australia and New Zealand have created One Welfare, an online portal with resources to help veterinarians and veterinary students navigate ethical dilemmas and other difficult situations involving animal welfare.

The site includes hundreds of articles on animal welfare issues and scenarios veterinarians might face in practice. The portal launched earlier this month, and veterinarian Paul McGreevy of the University of Sydney and the project's chief investigator, hopes it will help ameliorate stress in a profession with a high suicide rate. The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) (12/1)

It is the culmination of an OLT funded grant to create shared national curriculum resources to teach veterinary students and veterinarians about animal welfare and ethics. The following is an extract from the AVMA Animal Health SmartBrief. Click here

Contact: Janice Lloyd
Phone Number: 4781 6054