Live on campus: Invictus Quartet

@JCU Live on campus: Invictus Quartet

Cafe International is going classical!

The Invictus Quartet is in Townsville for the Australian Festival of Chamber Music and they're playing at a special Cafe International on Tuesday 1 August from 10.30am-1130am.

The Invictus Quartet was formed in early 2017 and consists of violinists Christine Daly and Nyssa Sanguansri, violist Jin Long and cellist Annika Cho. The four are close friends who are all currently studying at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music. Prior to the formation, the members have played in various small and large ensembles together.

In the short time since coming together as a quartet, Invictus is excited to play challenging works that move and inspire audiences. In their spare time, the Quartet loves to bring music to the streets of Melbourne and hopes to generate a wider audience for classical music.

Bring your coffee and listen to some of the best from the Australian Festival of Chamber Music.