New Bioinformatics & 'Omics Group - Details & Events

@JCU New Bioinformatics & 'Omics Group - Details & Events

JCU Bioinformatics and 'Omics Group

We're a group of bioinformaticians, biologists, ecologists, geneticists, climate scientists, computer programmers, modellers, epidemiologists, statisticians, data scientists, and [add your own label here!]. Our common interest is in the application of methods and computational tools to answer complex biological questions.

We meet twice per month and communicate via a Google Group. Please see details below to join in. 

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This group is open to anyone at JCU. Feel free to pass this email on to anyone you think might be interested and they can subscribe to the emails using the link above.

Adventures in Bioinformatics and the 'Omics

When: 4–5 pm Monday 16 May, 2016

Where: ATSIP Seminar room (ground level), 145-010

Adventures in bioinformatics and the ‘omics is a monthly forum to share experiences, mishaps, and plans in collecting and analysing complex data sets. We will have three 5-minute talks followed by informal discussion and light refreshments. Our goal is to create an informal atmosphere where questions are encouraged and experiences are shared so that JCU students and staff can broaden their bioinformatics and ‘omics knowledge base, create contacts, and establish a stronger bioinformatics community.

Bioinformatics and the 'Omics Discussion Group

When: 4–5 pm Monday 30 May, 2016

Where: ATSIP Seminar room (ground level), 145-010

This is a monthly "journal club" style discussion group in which we discuss set papers, software, and/or methods. One person will give a brief synposis followed by group discussion. It can be a paper on the latest methods, a review, a hotly debated topic, or one of the classics. Discussion leaders will be self-nominated. Feel free to recommend a paper, but there's no obligation to lead the discussion - though you're more than welcome!

Google Group

When: Always

Where: Click this link

Join our Google Group to participate in discussions about the latest techniques or recent papers. Importantly, it's a place where you can post questions, no matter how big or small.

If you require any further information you can email the organising committee directly at

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