New Colombo Plan/Endeavour Funding Session

@JCU New Colombo Plan/Endeavour Funding Session

New Colombo Plan/Endeavour Funding Session

Staff are invited to a session looking at the New Colombo Mobility Funding and The Endeavour Short Term Mobility Program/Postgraduate Asia-Pacific program on Friday 7th April.

This session will be run via videoconference in both TSV and CNS.

The session will outline the Guidelines and basics relating to both types of Mobility funding, and will go through the application process, and how funding is administered.

The New Colombo Secretariat will be dialling in from Canberra to provide advice on applications and to answer any questions you might have.

Time: 10-11am

Date: Friday 7th April

Location: TSV (009-001) CNS (A2-201)

RSVP for the workshop by email to, noting which location you will be attending at.

For the New Application Form, Guidelines and Deadlines for New Colombo Plan funding 2018, please email

Please let me know if you need any assistance with the forms, or if you have any questions about the Guidelines, or would like advice on current NCP Secretariat preferences.  If you have private sector sponsorship (in kind or otherwise) please provide written evidence so that it can be uploaded on the portal as part of the application.