Policy Update

@JCU Policy Update

Hello and welcome to Policy@JCU

When you visit the Policy Library you will notice the addition of a new button - Policy Update. Here you can view recently established, amended or disestablished policies and procedures.
This information will be updated regularly.

For all staff who are actively involved in reviewing policy it is important to remember:
· To utilise the resources in the Policy Handbook when preparing a policy or procedure for approval; and
· Prepare a Communication Plan (template located in the Policy Handbook). The plan informs people who are impacted by your policy/procedure change in a timely manner. Please provide a copy to the Quality, Standards and Policy unit.
· The Policy Update page is provided as an additional service rather than a replacement to you informing stakeholders of any policy changes.

Contact the policy unit if you require assistance at: Stella Coppola – Quality, Standards & Policy Officer
P: 4781 5160

Regards from the Quality, Standards and Policy Team