Potential use of a ‘Whole Slide Imaging’ (WSI) system for JCU researchers

@JCU Potential use of a ‘Whole Slide Imaging’ (WSI) system for JCU researchers

Potential use of a ‘Whole Slide Imaging’ (WSI) system for JCU researchers - how would you envisage using it?

If you or your co-workers are dealing with histological/pathology slides, parasites, bacteria, fungi and all kinds of microscopic creatures that you want to immortalise and later use in your lectures, research or diagnostic this message might be of interest to you.

We would like identify the potential use of a ‘Whole Slide Imaging’ (WSI) system that can be used to digitally scan glass slides to produce ‘digital slides’. This use case would then be used to seek funding from the appropriate level in the university to purchase a unit.

Digital slides can be shared and examined by your colleagues from all over the world and by students from JCU (and other Universities if you wish).

They can improve the quality of the ‘blended learning’ and help JCU lecturers cope with the larger cohorts of students.

Townsville hospital does not have a ‘WSI’ system and it seems there is some interest from their side to participate in buying one. If you would like to read more about the advantages of using ‘digital slides’ in your teaching please read the attached document.

Examples of common WSI and their features can be seen at the following sites:




However, a WSI system is not cheap, it might cost around $100,000-$150,000, so we do need a thorough list of interested parties.  To compare costs, companies that digitally scan slides usually charge $30-50 to digitise an ordinary slide and we do not have control of our slides or the scanning process in this case.

If JCU did acquire a WSI system, how would you envision using it?  Could you email constantin.constantiniou@jcu.edu.au or jennifer.elliman@jcu.edu.au with your potential number of slides per year (or one off set of slides) and whether you’d be using it for teaching, research or diagnostics?


Constantin Constantinoiu & Jenny Elliman

College of Public Health, Medical and Veterinary Sciences
James Cook University, 1 James Cook Drive
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