Process Mapping: Presented by ATEM

@JCU Process Mapping: Presented by ATEM

Process Mapping: Presented by ATEM

Dates: 9th May  - Townsville 9-4pm

10th May – Cairns 9-4pm

Benefits of training staff in process mapping and process improvement:

  • Increased productivity.  Opportunities for simplification and improvement can be identified more easily if processes are mapped.
  • Mapping processes identifies which steps add value, ie. when we enhance the student experience or reduce the time academics and senior management spend on transactional (non-value adding) activities.
  • Creating a process-centric culture within the university where everyone knows and agrees what their role in a process is will help to build effective relationships across organisational units.
  • Enables identification of metrics for measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes.  These can then be used to establish a baseline in order to validate improvement and justify change or capital expenditures.
  • Documenting processes protects the university against the risk of losing intellectual capital through key person dependencies.

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