Reliability Testing of a Football Injury Screening Tool

@JCU Reliability Testing of a Football Injury Screening Tool

Honours student Liam Phelps is conducting a reliability assessment of a football (soccer) injury screening tool.

The Football Injury Screening Tool tests flexibility, strength, balance, functional movements, jump landing biomechanics and knee stability to determine a football player’s risk of injury. It requires testing to assess whether the tool can be used reliably by health professionals. If the tool is deemed reliable, then it can be used to assess a footballer’s risk of injury.

This study involves you being screened by two physiotherapists and one physiotherapy student in one 90 minute session. The screening tool examines, flexibility, strength, functional movement, balance, knee stability and jump-landing biomechanics.

Who: Amateur male football (soccer) players

How often: One 90 minute session

Where: Clinical Practice Building, JCU Townsville Campus

What's in it for you: Coffee voucher and free week trial at JCU Gym.

Contact: Liam Phelps