Remember to enrol to vote

@JCU Remember to enrol to vote

A message from Vice Chancellor Professor Sandra Harding and JCUSA President Jesse Argent:

As you are probably aware, the Government has recently announced it will hold a postal survey on Australian marriage law. You may have heard this referred to as the ‘same-sex marriage postal vote’. We encourage all of our students and staff - those who are eligible to do so - to participate fully in Australia’s democratic processes and vote to ensure you have your say.

Unlike federal and state elections, voting in the postal survey is not compulsory. However, if you would like to vote, your details will need to be listed correctly on the Australian electoral roll by no later than Thursday 24 August. This is the same roll used by the Australian Electoral Commission for state and federal elections. To be enrolled to vote in the survey, you need to be an Australian citizen who turns 18 before 24 August. Some eligible British subjects are also able to enrol.

If you are already enrolled, you can check your enrolment details are up to date and your postal address is current here.

If you are not enrolled, you can enrol online here; you will need to meet the conditions listed and provide proof of identity. Enrolling will also ensure you can vote in upcoming state and federal elections.

If you have recently moved or your details have changed, you can update your details here.

The Australian Electoral Commission has more information on enrolment available on its website. The Australian Bureau of Statistics will be conducting the survey and can be contacted here for further information on the process

Forms will be sent out to all those listed on the electoral roll on 12 September. Voters will have until 27 October to return their vote.

The Australian Electoral Commission can answer questions and provide more information about enrolments.

If you need help or support from student services in the course of the public discussion in coming weeks and months, our services and counselling staff can be reached on 07 4781 4711 (Townsville), 07 4232 1150 (Cairns) or by emailing