Reperio: announcement of winners

@JCU Reperio: announcement of winners

Reperio 2016: announcement of winners

The evening of the 30th of September 2016 saw the culmination of hours of hard work by researchers from various divisions and colleges at JCU, resulting in a great event showcasing innovative research projects. Quite a number of staff, students and invited guests were in attendance at Reperio 2016, held in the Medical Lecture Theatre on the Townsville campus.

Eleven technologies were pitched to our guest judges in short 5 min bursts. It certainly wasn't an easy task to concisely present a scientific idea from a business point of view but it was very enlightening to see the thought put in by the participants to address important commercial questions with regards to their technologies.

Feedback from the audience was very positive and many of them expressed their interest in attending next year too. 

Some also expressed interest in being participants next year which was very encouraging!

After the fantastic pitches, the judges named our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters (technology titles also listed below):

peter junk

1st – Peter Junk (pictured above) – “Environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitors"

karen joyce

2nd – Karen Joyce (pictured above) – "Using a drone to keep an eye on your crop? That’s ‘Sugar Sense’"

michael santarossa

3rd – Michael Santarossa (pictured above) – "HoloSense = Holographic Laser Pipe Measurement and Imaging"

In addition to the place getters, we also had a People’s Choice Award (voted for by the audience) and a Commercial Engagement Award recognising a project showcasing successful industry-academia collaboration.

AITHM People’s Choice Award winners (tie) – Kate Hudson – “Cleaner Shrimp foot spa”

Aya Taki/Thimo Ruethers – “BarraSafe – hypoallergenic barramundi”

Commercial Engagement Award winner – Rocky de Nys and MACRO team recognising the successful JCU-MBD Energy collaboration and relationship

Congratulations to our winners and well done to all the participants for putting in a great effort!

A special thanks goes to Fisher Adams Kelly Callinans and AITHM for sponsoring the event and also to our judges/special guests for lending their time and expertise as well as for sharing their experience with the participants.

Thanks also to the Research Services team for their help and support during the event.

We look forward to next year and hope to see more fantastic, innovative ideas!