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@JCU Staff training and development

2016 Staff training and development courses are available.

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Specific courses include:

- Mental Health First Aid - Facilitated by Philippa Harris in Townsville (Mental Health Nurse) and Clif Nelder in Cairns (Mental Health Nurse). In this course you will learn the signs and symptoms of mental health problems, how to help someone and where to get help. Townsville 3-4th March (9-4pm both days), Cairns 22-23 March (9-4pm both days). Cost - $140 per person in Townsville, $200 per person in Cairns.

- Resilience in the workplace - Facilitated by Jacqui Perkins (AIM). In this course you will learn how to build and sustain resilience, obtain tips for coping when pressure is high and tips for supporting others. Townsville 1.3.16 (9-4pm), Cairns, 2.3.16 (9-4pm). Cost - $320 per person.

- Project Management - Facilitated by Stephen Keys (AIM). In this course you will learn how to define and document project objectives, deliverables, timeframes and resources, identify stakeholder needs, monitor project performance and evaluate a project. Townsville 10.3.16 (9-4pm), Cairns 11.3.16 (9-4pm). Cost $250 per person.

- Difficult Conversations - Facilitated by Professor Ann Brewer (Dean and Chief Executive Officer for the Centre of Continuing Education Sydney). In this course you will have the opportunity to practically apply specialised techniques to address difficult conversations. Townsville - 16.2.16 (9-4pm), Cairns 17.2.16 (9-4pm). Cost - $320 per person.

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