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Sustainability a focus for Lucy

Lucy Graham 

Sustainability should be included in the curriculum of all schools and universities, according to an award-winning JCU student.

Lucy Graham recently won the national ACTS Award of Excellence (Student category).

ACTS, or the  Australian Campuses Toward Sustainability, is a non-profit member based organisation representing higher and further education institutions within Australia and New Zealand.

It aims to inspire, promote and support change towards best practice sustainability within the operations, curriculum and research of the tertiary education sector. 

Lucy has just completed her second year of university, during this time she has demonstrated a great passion and commitment to sustainability in the JCU Community and Cairns community.

In her first semester at JCU Lucy completed the TropEco Sustainability Internship and professional college.

During this time she was elected president of the JCU Sustainability Club, a student-run club promoting sustainability.

Since becoming president Lucy has volunteered endless hours to create connections between the community and encourage students to run projects on campus; successfully creating partnerships in which students volunteer and engage with a wide range of community groups.

Lucy has also played a key role in encouraging students to get involved and be leaders themselves, at the same time contributing hundreds of volunteer hours to the different groups on a regular basis.

“In my career I would like to help make sustainability education a firm part of curriculum, both throughout schools and universities, to create a generation that is aware of how they and our society can have a better relationship with each other and the world we rely on.”