Support JCU Professor Tarun and students in the Run to Better Days Challenge

@JCU Support JCU Professor Tarun and students in the Run to Better Days Challenge

On the run! Support students and JCU Professor Tarun Sen Gupta in the Run to Better Days Challenge July 8-22


tarun on the run

Quote for the day:

Our generation is the first to have the opportunity to banish extreme poverty forever; all that remains to be seen is whether we will have the courage to seize it. We invite you to be part of the solution, and run with us to better days, for we believe that this is truly something worth fighting for.

Let me introduce you to the Run To Better Days. Every year, this group of JCU students from medicine and other disciplines stages a ‘fun’ run (e.g., Townsville to Hervey Bay) to raise money for and awareness of global poverty. They speak to school / community groups along the way and hand out copies of Peter Singer’s book The Life You Can save. Their broad aims this year are to:

·       Raise $20,000 for The Against Malaria Foundation

·       Challenge young people to consider that Australians can and should do more for the world’s poorest people

·       Rally support to encourage the Australian Government to increase the amount and efficacy of assistance Australia provides to developing nations

Their narrative on the RTBD site is impressive, as is the research they have done to identify the ‘best’ charities for their fundraising efforts on the grounds of transparency and cost-effectiveness. Also some good stuff on their Facebook page – look at the Life You Can Save graphic . And some amazing stats from Hans Rosling. Since 2012 the team has raised over $75 000, run some 4 200 km, spoken to around 30 000 people, and given away 2 200 copies of The Life You can Save. They also have aYoutube video from a couple of years ago.

This year I will again be taking up the challenge to run (yes, run) with the team from Mackay to the NSW border in July. A second team will be running from Sydney to the Qld border. Each team will run around 100 km / day - in relay - raising money and speaking to school and community groups along the way. I will be planning to run with the team from July 8 - 22, and have started some training so I don’t disgrace myself….

If you are interested you can support us in a number of ways:

-     Learn more about the cause at the website Read aboutEffective Altruism

-     Follow us on Facebook

-     Donate at the following link *

-     Join us along the way – say g’day or come for a run. Itinerary is below

-     Spread the word! Pass a copy of this onto friends, family and colleagues, or post a flier at work

I am proud to join these extraordinary students who embody our vision of social accountability as they do their bit to alleviate global poverty. Many of them are already committed to serving underserved populations e.g. tracking for a rural / GP career (the three founders are all on the RG Pathway) . Thank you for considering this message, I look forward to your support in our Run to Better Days!

A final quote:

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

Best wishes


Professor of Health Professional Education 

Director of Medical Education

College of Medicine and Dentistry

Deputy Chair Academic Board

James Cook University Townsville Queensland 4811



Running Route


Friday JULY 8th

Eimeo to Mackay


Saturday JULY 9th

Mackay to half-way to Marlborough


Sunday JULY 10TH

Half-way to Marlborough, to Marlborough


Monday, JULY 11th

Marlborough to Rockhampton (distance to be run around oval)


Tuesday, JULY 12th

Miriam Vale to Bundaberg


Wednesday, JULY 13th

Bundaberg to Torbanlea

Hervey Bay

Thursday, JULY 14th

Torbanlea to Granville


Friday, JULY 15th

Granville to Gympie


Saturday, July 16th

Gympie to Pacific Paradise

Noosa / Sunrise Beach

Sunday, July 17th

Make up Rockhampton to Miriam Vale (around oval)

Noosa / Sunrise Beach

Monday, July 18th

Pacific Paradise to Caboolture


Tuesday, July 19th

Caboolture to Kangaroo Point


Wednesday, July 20th

Kangaroo Point to Pimpana

Gold Coast

Thursday, July 21st

Pimpana to Coolangatta

Gold Coast

Friday, July 22nd

Rest/travel home