Tax tips for lecturers

@JCU Tax tips for lecturers

The Australian Tax Office has provided the following tax tips to help JCU’s lecturers:

ATO app helps you save time and money

Forget storing your old receipts in a shoebox! The university year may have already started but it’s not too late to get your receipts and records in order. Download the ATO app today and use the myDeductions tool to ensure you don’t miss out on claiming work expenses this year!

myDeductions lets you record all your work related expenses on the go. You can even quickly take a photo of your receipt and record the details later!

So if you have purchased a compulsory uniform, teaching aids or have expenses related to running your home office such as work-related internet access charges you can use the myDeductions tool to record your receipts and expenses.

The ATO’s Assistant Commissioner, Graham Whyte explains that “myDeductions is for individuals claiming work-related expenses as an employee. Whether you lodge your own return or use a tax agent, you can use the myDeductions tool to keep your deductions records.”

He also says how useful the myDeductions tool will be when it’s time to complete your next tax return.

“When you’re ready to lodge your return you can email your deductions records directly to your tax agent. Or if you prepare your own return you can pre-fill the information straight into myTax – the ATO’s free online tax return for individuals.”

You can take a look at some of the support material the ATO have put together to help get started with myDeductions here:

Their website to help you understand what you can claim

A video showing how easy it is to use the app.

To start using the myDeductions tool download or upgrade the ATO app for free, from Google Play, Windows Phone Store or the Apple App Store.

Voice authentication makes it easier to connect

Accessing the ATO’s online services is faster and easier with voice authentication also available through the ATO app.

Enrol a voiceprint in the ATO app using your smart phone or tablet device and you can use it to access the ATO’s online services for individuals and sole traders, and to verify your identity the next time you phone the ATO’s contact centres.

The ATO’s Assistant Commissioner, John Dardo says enrolling a voiceprint is easy and means you will spend less time verifying your identity with the ATO.

“Your voice has more than 120 characteristics, which are analysed and matched against the voiceprint you have enrolled with us each time you verify your identity. This makes it a reliable and secure solution and useful in protecting your personal information. More than 1.3 million Australians are already using our voice authentication services.”

You will need to have the ATO linked to your myGov account before enrolling a voiceprint via the ATO app.

How to get it
Download or upgrade the ATO app for free, from Google Play, Windows Phone Store or the Apple App Store.

For more information visit the ATO’s website on the ATO app and online services.