@JCU The Australian Rural Leaders Program - Session 2

The Australian Rural Leaders Program - Session 2

ARLP Session Two - INTJ 'The Mastermind'

By Paula Johnston, Director Financial & Business Services

The Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP) brings together established leaders from across Australia, from industries, organisations and businesses that support rural regional and remote Australia. The aim of the program is to develop the leadership capability of individuals, establish deep enduring networks and build the capacity of rural, regional and remote Australia to engage nationally and internationally.

In November, session two of course 24 of ARLP began in the pretty town of Toowoomba and ended a week later in Brisbane. Across the week we were exposed to media training and personality typing via use of the Myers Briggs tool. These sessions were great and exposed me to an understanding of what goes on behind the scenes in a television and radio interview, what journalists are looking for and most importantly how to keep them telling the story you want heard.

Beyond the practical sessions came the value add part, listening to the leadership stories of my fellow C24 participants, the challenges they face, how they overcome them and what inspires them to keep going. These stories remind me that for every story of success, all leaders have examples of when they fell, a person they failed, a situation that didn’t go as planned, a decision that turned their lives around. The experiences vary but the outcome is the same, everyone got to where they are by picking themselves up, dusting themselves off and trying again, applying the lessons they learned on the way.

So I have reflected on what learning from Session 2 can be applied back on campus and came up with the following. We are in a time of change within our sector, we need to take risks to try new things and not all of those will succeed. How I as a leader, respond to the things that work or go wrong will determine whether I encourage creativity and perseverance or promote risk aversion and fear. Our collective responses will determine the culture and behaviour that underpins life at JCU.

Once again ARLP has provided plenty of food for thought and meaningful insights relevant for everyday life on campus. I'm looking forward to next week in Cairns showing off the beautiful North Queensland to my fellow participants.