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About the Case Studies Project

The need for tropical sustainable buildings in our city and region is stronger now than ever. These building types use resources more efficiently, are more climate-responsive and deliver new technology using world’s best practice. With the estimated three billion people living in tropical regions set to double by the end of the century, tropical Australia is uniquely placed to take full advantage of this niche opportunity and tropical sustainable design represents a significant emerging industry that can create opportunities for innovative solutions and the expansion of the tropical design and construction industries. ..for more information click here

Defining tropical expertise in the built environment

The Working Group for the Case Studies project drew upon the current Australian rating, accreditation and approval systems underpinned by codes and standards for sustainable construction and supplemented it with a working knowledge of building in tropical, regional Australia. Through the process the Group created a standardised set of sustainability criteria that enabled comparison across different types: residential, commercial, industrial, civil, civic and retrofitted/renovated buildings. It is recognised that rating tools to date are not particularly effective in providing good outcomes for tropical sustainable design in all instances. The case study project thus evolved specific criteria for defining good tropical outcomes. ..for more information click here