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Enhancing the Quality of Nursing and Midwifery

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Enhancing the Quality of Nursing and Midwifery Educational Programs and Services in the Pacific

WHO funded, 2010-2012


To improve the quality of nursing services in Pacific Island countries through enhancing the quality of nursing and midwifery educational programs and services; to prepare a professional workforce for strengthening the health systems to meet population needs and protect the the public.

The project built on country experiences and lessons learned from other projects, but particularly the recommendations from the NZAID funded projects that were strengthening capacity and supporting the improvement of quality nursing education and service provision in Vanuatu and Kiribati.

The Pacific Human Resources for Health Alliance (PHRHA) programs in human resources for health development (HRH) also provided organisations with a toolkit that can be used to support and strengthen education programs, clinical skills training, and facilitation of inter-institutional partnerships to enhance educational outcomes and service delivery.


  • Enhancing the Quality of Nursing Final Report by James Cook University and Auckland University of Technology.


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