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Research Skills Improvement Project

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Research Upskilling of the Asia Pacific Emergency Disaster Network (APEDNN) Members

AusAID funded, 2012-2013


Disasters occur at a greater rate in the Asia Pacific area than any other region of the world and developing countries are susceptible to outbreaks of existing, new and emerging infectious diseases. Countries must be better equipped to respond with better prepared staff and facilities through implementing evidence based training.


This project aimed to enhance the technical and research skills of research fellows so they can advance the research agenda of the APEDNN and improve member capacity to prepare for and respond to emergencies and disasters in the future.

Project objectives

  • Prepare researchers so that they can upskill others in the APEDNN and their country
  • Upskill Fellows of APEDNN member countries to conduct research into the issues of emergency and disaster preparedness and response through attendance at a 3 week skills workshop
  • Enhanced the ability of APEDNN members to critique research related to emergencies and disasters and make decisions about its usefulness for inclusion in disaster preparedness, response, and/or workforce policy
  • Increased the capacity of APEDNN members to respond to disasters as a result of future research outcomes. This will be used to educate responders according to evidence and change practices
  • Conducted a collaborative research project with assistance of University researchers
  • Reported the results of the research to the next APEDNN meeting.


  • Five of the research fellows presented their research and outcomes at the APEDNN conference in Bangkok, 2013.


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