Terms of Reference

With designation comes the responsibility of conducting work with the WHO on specific projects called the Term of Reference (TOR).

The TOR's are projects that support the WHO and also align with the Collaborating Centre.

The WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing and Midwifery Education and Research Capacity Building at JCU have these terms of reference for the duration of the current re designation (2018 - 2022)  have been to:

  1. To support WHO in providing technical support on nursing and midwifery education, including training programs and delivery methods. This is to occur through the following activities
    1. Prepare a handbook for preceptor, for use in clinical placement sites, to enhance clinical teaching and assessment
    2. Prepare a compendium of nursing and midwifery case scenarios for use in clinical simulation labs to support education, skill acquisition and assessments.
  2. To work with WHO in building the capacity of nurses and midwives on emergency preparedness and response. This is to occur through the following activities .
    1. Conduct capacity building workshops on emergency preparedness and response for nurses and midwives
    2. Build learning materials on emergency planning and response for the Pacific Open Health Learning Network (POHLN) for nurses and midwives