Domestic Doctor of Philosophy (Indigenous)

Domestic Doctor of Philosophy (Indigenous)

Contribute to a changing agenda in Indigenous research

In a Doctor of Philosophy (Indigenous), you will develop confidence in navigating Indigenous and non-Indigenous standpoints, creating new approaches to complex issues. Designed for high performing university graduates, the PhD (Indigenous) is a postgraduate research degree with a supervised project of original research at its core.

Throughout your degree, you will receive guidance from our extended advisory team, giving you space to innovate with structures to support you. Your candidature will be structured through a series of specialised Indigenous research intensives and support from highly experienced advisors. You will identify a novel approach to explore a real world issue, develop a research question, design and implement your project, and analyse the findings. This work will allow you to develop a proposition that contributes to existing understandings through the completion of a PhD (Indigenous) thesis.

Influence the future of Indigenous communities in the Tropics

JCU candidates are driven by the possibility of positive change. Choose from a broad range of research areas to suit your professional qualifications and interests. You will be supported to develop your own topic throughout the first months of your candidature. Research areas include:

  • Indigenous studies
  • Indigenous knowledges
  • Indigenous cultures
  • Indigenous education
  • Indigenous community development
  • Indigenous intersections with other disciplines
  • Other research topics relating to Indigenous peoples and Indigenous ideas

As a Doctor of Philosophy (Indigenous) student at JCU, you will work as an independent researcher within a community of peers and the supportive team at the Indigenous Education and Research Centre.