Domestic Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management - Master of Business Administration

Domestic Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management - Master of Business Administration

Learn from expert lecturers who are leaders in their fields. With a focus on sustainability, innovation and effective leadership, you will learn how to make decisions using critical thinking and analyse high-level issues.

Your career path could lead you to work in hotels and other tourism venues, as well as government departments or private companies in Australia and overseas. You could find employment as a duty manager, sales and marketing consultant, or human resources adviser.

This flexible course is available to study either part time or full time at JCU’s Brisbane campus (for international students), or full time only at JCU’s Singapore campus. View the handbook for more information.

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About JCU's MBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Enhance your employability or begin a successful career in tourism, hospitality, or the business world. Gain valuable managerial skills through your Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management - Master of Business Administration degree from JCU.

A Comprehensive Skillset

Gain the skills you need to be a leader with your MITHM-MBA (similar to an MBA in hospitality management or MBA in tourism). Move into management positions in tourism or the hospitality sector. Position yourself to be ready for a business career, or use your extensive training and experience to improve your current position and salary.

Develop specialist business skills within the tourism and hospitality environment. Understand the strategies that effectively shape tourist and guest behaviours so you can increase revenue and improve customer experiences.

A MBA in Hospitality Management with Extensive Experience

Gain practical insight into key issues through your MITHM-MBA (similar to a MBA in tourism and hospitality management course) at JCU. See first-hand how a changing world business environment affects the hospitality industry. Put principles of strategic innovation into practice and see how those principles work out in the real world.

Graduate ready to work and become valuable to employers with the experience you gain through your applied research project. Take part in research that makes a difference alongside leaders in the field. Then, plan your own research process to better understand the challenges facing these industries and the role you want to fill.

Protect the Future with an MBA in Tourism

Prepare to be a leader in promoting sustainable enterprises that protect our environment. See first-hand how corporate responsibility can impact on society and the environment and learn to be a force for positive change.

Take advantage of JCU's partnerships with key hospitality and tourism bodies to develop your cross-cultural communication skills. Deepen your commitment to economic justice for all and learn how tourism can work towards reconciliation and diversity. Analyse the history of business so you can effectively build on what works while changing what does not.

Develop Key Employability Skills

Be ready for the jobs of the future by learning critical analysis skills in a tourism management and business context. Use those skills to evaluate current practices and value systems; then use your evaluations to make reasoned recommendations for meaningful change.

Learn how to think outside the box and apply creative solutions to challenging problems facing the hospitality industry.

Become a more effective leader through your MITHM-MBA (similar to a MBA in tourism) studies. Improve your communication skills so you can present complex information to all different audiences. Learn how to take the initiative and work independently while also improving your skills in collaborative teamwork.

Combined degree – Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management and MBA

Be ready today for tomorrow through your MITHM-MBA (similar to a MBA in hospitality management) at James Cook University. Build on your current passions and skills and gain the experience and understanding you need to be part of a dynamic future.
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Inherent requirements

Inherent requirements are the identified abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours that must be demonstrated, during the learning experience, to successfully complete a course. These abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours preserve the academic integrity of the University’s learning, assessment, and accreditation processes, and where applicable, meet the standards of a profession. For more information please review the inherent requirements for the Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management - Master of Business Administration.