Domestic Bachelor of Advanced Science

Domestic Bachelor of Advanced Science

Develop your passion for discovery and choose from nine different majors. You will also choose from a set of core advanced skill subjects to develop analytical and modelling skills that are highly sought-after by future employers.

Apply your skills and knowledge to real-world research projects and have the opportunity to be published in international scientific journals. Go on overseas exchange programs and study natural environments in other parts of the world. Use your degree as a pathway to other health professions or higher research.

Students who are based in Townsville and have completed at least one year of their degree are eligible to apply for an Australian Public Service Academy Campus position. With opportunities in the Digital and Data spheres, you can align your studies to part-time work, that may translate into a full-time job offer upon graduation. Explore the APS Data and Digital Programs page for more information.

Become a science and research leader. JCU Advanced Science graduates are elite, innovative professionals who are equipped for the future.
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JCU's Bachelor of Advanced Science

Are you ready to join an elite team passionate about becoming the next generation of scientific leaders? Do you have what it takes to meet the environmental and scientific challenges of the 21st century and find innovative and effective solutions? If this sounds like you, the Bachelor of Advanced Science at James Cook University could be your path to excellence.

Be in high demand with your advanced skills and practical, hands-on experience with JCU’s advanced science degree. You will be leading the way in addressing modern society’s most pressing scientific needs.

A Comprehensive Background

Become an elite, innovative professional with a world-class education that develops highly adept conceptual and analytical thinkers. Your advanced science degree from JCU gives you a firmer grasp on what you know, challenges your thinking, inspires your creativity, and provides a wealth of hands-on experience.

Develop a broad perspective and participate in seminars conducted by leading scientists. Study advanced subjects to gain specialised skills in quantitative methods and mathematical techniques. Engage in research that matters; research designed for publication in some of the most prestigious international scientific journals.

Experience has no substitute. Study in some of the most interesting places on Earth participating in hands-on experiments. Explore unrivalled research locations as you put theory into practice. Access World Heritage natural environments and state-of-the-art learning facilities.

Expand your scientific knowledge with international academic exchange programs. Develop personally, as you learn from other cultures’ scientific perspectives and diverse landscapes and professionally, as you build global networks. Be exposed to other natural ecosystems and have the opportunity to make your own contribution.

Gain real-world skills that set you apart for a distinguished career. You will learn how to collaborate with colleagues making significant scientific progress, articulate questions and arguments in constructive ways, and critically appraise your work and the role of science.

A Personal Perspective

What sets you apart, what motivates and inspires you? As you work towards your Bachelor of Advanced Science, thrive off the inspiration that comes from studying your passion.

Choose the major that appeals most to you, and prepare yourself for the places you want your career to take you. Work in data science, earth science, marine biology, aquaculture science and technology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, molecular and cell biology, or zoology and ecology.

Your  advanced science degree also offers you the option of choosing between a second major or a minor with classes in advanced scientific fields. Choose a second major to complement your first. Choose a minor that opens up new possibilities.

An Advanced Science Degree for the Forward Thinking

Take the first step towards a career that makes a difference to people and societies, the natural world and the built environment with an advanced science degree. Be prepared for tomorrow’s challenges with JCU’s world-class education.

Gain the Bachelor of Advanced Science Honours degree with an additional year of study. This is your capstone year as you develop a research project from start to finish.

Work with the world’s oceans and help to conserve precious marine life in marine biology, or set the tone for society’s interactions with the natural world with an emphasis in zoology and ecology. Help discover new and innovative ways of preserving natural resources while protecting vulnerable people as you work in earth science or chemistry.

Whatever field you choose, your greatest contribution to the natural world and people and societies will be the highly transferable skills you develop. With an agile mind, critical thinking skills, and an interdisciplinary outlook, be poised to lead in the fast-paced scientific world.

Ready Today for Tomorrow with Your Advanced Science Degree

Build on your intellectual capabilities, ethical convictions, and professional passion with a Bachelor of Advanced Science degree.

Develop a solid foundation of technical knowledge to advance your skills and the analytical thinking to apply that knowledge and think outside the box to solve important questions.

Systematically collect data and design testable hypotheses based on your findings. You will know how to draw the right inferences from what you see.

Understand the ethics that have governed scientific advancement for centuries and why they are important in the context of modern-day science. Differentiate yourself with your ability to work effectively, but also responsibly and safely and with consideration for cultural frameworks.

Differentiate Yourself With JCU's Bachelor of Advanced Science

The world needs scientists that are ready and willing to meet the problems of designing a sustainable future. Step up to meet the challenge with us and graduate with an advanced science degree from JCU.
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View the Handbook for a detailed overview of available subjects.

Inherent requirements

Inherent requirements are the identified abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours that must be demonstrated, during the learning experience, to successfully complete a course. These abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours preserve the academic integrity of the University’s learning, assessment, and accreditation processes, and where applicable, meet the standards of a profession. For more information please review the inherent requirements for the course.