Domestic Bachelor of Business

Domestic Bachelor of Business

Learn how decisions you make contribute directly to the organisation’s success. You will be empowered with knowledge of how to become a leader in business and understand the pillars of a sustainable business model. Our lecturers’ strong network connections and the Work Integrated Learning program ensures you receive relevant industry placements.

In your first year, you will study core subjects relevant to all business majors. You can then tailor the degree to suit your interests by selecting your preferred major and possible minor.

With the aim of equipping you with real-world experience, you will start preparing for Work Integrated Learning in your first year of study. Embedded throughout the degree, employability and career development tools prepare you for your final-year capstone subject where students have the flexibility to complete an internship within a local business or multidisciplinary project for an industry partner. Students who work full-time have the option to complete an independent project for their employer.

To bolster your employability, you also have the option of completing the Professional Development program alongside your degree. Additionally, students in Townsville will have the opportunity to in the Townsville Chamber of Commerce — James Cook University Mentoring Program. In your final year, you can apply to join the program and be connected to an industry professional from the Townsville Chamber of Commerce (a JCU Alumni, where possible) who will mentor you through one-on-one sessions, virtual check-ins and mentoring events. You can look to your mentor for guidance relating to career planning, skill development, networking and job search techniques. You’ll build and strengthen your network and gain the skills and confidence necessary to excel.

Students who are based in Townsville and have completed at least one year of their degree are eligible to apply for an Australian Public Service Academy Campus position. With opportunities in the Digital and Data spheres, you can align your studies to part-time work, that may translate into a full-time job offer upon graduation. Explore the APS Data and Digital Programs page for more information.

If you are a currently serving member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), you may be eligible for entry to the Bachelor of Business through the Army Tertiary Education Program (ATEP). Eligible ADF personnel can apply for advanced standing (study credit) to enter JCU’s Bachelor of Business in the final year of study (Year 3).* Explore the ATEP webpage to find out more and determine if you are eligible.

You can choose from seven business majors. Consult the Handbook for majors available at each campus.

You may also be interested in studying the Bachelor of Business in a joint degree:

Bachelor of Business-Bachelor of Laws

Bachelor of Business-Bachelor of Psychological Science

Bachelor of Arts-Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science

*majoring in Human Resources Management or Management only.

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About JCU's Bachelor Degree of Business

You have the drive to excel in business in a fast-paced workplace. You care about sustainability and building a business model that is good for the planet as well as the company bottom line. A Bachelor of Business degree from JCU can give you everything you need to leverage your drive into a successful and meaningful business career.

Study Business at James Cook University And Be Ready Today for Tomorrow

The best business bachelor degree is about more than theoretical knowledge. Small class sizes, student work placements and career development tools allow you to thrive throughout your studies at JCU.

Understand the core subjects that underpin business, from accounting to sustainable economics, data analysis to communications. JCU’s lecturers are committed to student success and actively participate in applying theory to real work situations from the beginning of your studies.

Complete an optional Professional Development program alongside this business degree. As you work through the program, become an expert at applying knowledge to the real world and build on your employability skills.

Interact with people in the business world, build your network of connections and get advice from those on the ground. Launch a successful career with a JCU Bachelor of Business degree.

A Business Degree That Lets You Choose Your Own Path

Develop skills that are relevant to any type of business as you pursue your Bachelor of Business studies in QLD. Be a flexible, data-driven decision maker employers will value or become your own business leader and build a company from the ground up.

You can choose any major that interests you. Build your skills in dealing with financial matters through a major in Accounting, Financial Advising or Management, or Banking and Finance. Prepare to lead with a major in Management, Governance, Business and Society, Human Resources Management.

You have ideas about how to grow a company or help it function more efficiently. Grow your skills in these areas with a major in Marketing or Business Intelligence and Information Systems. Maybe you have a flair for working cross-culturally?A major in Hospitality and Tourism Management or International Business will complement your skills.

Whatever drives you, there is a major within your business degree at JCU that will build your skills. Once you have chosen your major, you can further refine your direction with a second major or up to two minors.

Be a Decision Maker

Depending on the major you choose and your personal interests, your business degree will prepare you for any number of potential careers. Be ready to start as an accountant, human resource manager, economist, financial analyst, project manager, marketer or any other business path.

While your specific field of expertise is critical to specialisation in a certain field, the added value to employers is your critical-thinking skills and decision-making abilities, applicable to any career path. As you study business at university, learn how to apply critical thinking to business issues. Become adept at synthesising principles and concepts of good business practice to use them to make decisions.

JCU graduates are accomplished thinkers. You will know how to analyse professional obligations and the values of your company, applying them to real-world questions to make the right choices. Confidently develop sustainable business models and balance issues of profitability and environmental responsibility.

Pass on your skills and knowledge to others in the workplace using your effective communication tools. Whether giving an oral presentation or writing written reports, tailor your messages to the audience and offer clear, convincing arguments.

A Bachelor of Business with Lifelong Learning

You already have a passion for business, and your degree will give you the skills you need to get started. Additionally, become a lifelong learner - someone always looking for an opportunity for self-improvement.

Learn from others as you work together using effective collaboration techniques.

JCU graduates have a strong global network of connections, a wealth of real-world experience, a solid foundation of knowledge, and the skills to bring it all together. That future starts with a business degree from JCU.
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Inherent requirements

Inherent requirements are the identified abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours that must be demonstrated, during the learning experience, to successfully complete a course. These abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours preserve the academic integrity of the University’s learning, assessment,and accreditation processes, and where applicable, meet the standards of a profession. For more information please review the inherent requirements for the Bachelor of Business.