Domestic Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science

Domestic Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science

Explore the important and challenging work of balancing profit, policy, and conservation with the Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science. You will learn how to integrate environmental science principles with the ability to create sustainable and competitive business practices. Gain the knowledge and skills to make a difference in tropical contexts through a strong focus on sustainability principles relevant to tropical environmental science.

The Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science emphasises the importance of conducting business and enterprise in consideration of environmental impact and influence. Throughout your studies, you will learn how to critically appraise the role and relevance of environmental science in global and local business practice. Be equipped to guide business and enterprise with strategies that are effective for organisations yet beneficial for the environment. Harness your passion for the natural world and use your business expertise to drive environmental conservation and promotion.

In this business and environmental science degree, you will be empowered to make a difference to the environments and communities within the Tropics. As you gain an in-depth understanding of enterprise through subjects covering accounting, economics and management concepts, you’ll also explore topics such as biodiversity, environmental processes, ecology, and coastal and marine management and conservation. This joint degree offers a major in Aquaculture, available at JCU Townsville and JCU Singapore.

See theory in action with unique access to the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef right outside of JCU Townsville, Bebegu Yumba campus, Douglas. With opportunities for field trips, research and fieldwork, and industry placements, you’ll build a strong industry network through JCU’s links with peak industry bodies while developing your hands-on skills.

Consult the handbook for majors available at each campus and a detailed overview of available subjects.

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About JCU's Double Major in Business and Environmental Science

If you have an eye for business and a conscience for responsible environmental stewardship, the Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science is perfect for you. You know that consumers want responsible action from the corporations they purchase from. You know that successful corporations of the future will be the ones that value sustainability as much as profitability. If you are ready for a career that is part of the solution, JCU’s double major in business and environmental science is for you.

The Environmental Business

With a degree in environmental science and business, you will be poised to spearhead a movement of effective business practices that are also environmentally sustainable. With a strong understanding of climate change, public perceptions and solid business principles, you will be ready to lead the next generation of corporations.

Sustainable business practices and understanding climate change are fundamental components to JCU’s Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science. As a graduate of this flexible degree program, you will be equipped with global business and specialist science skills. You will be ready to succeed in whatever field of work you choose.

As you study environmental science and business, you will be prepared through three key elements:

  • Core foundational knowledge
  • Multiple areas of specialisation
  • Hands-on learning in unique environments

Core Foundational Knowledge on Environmental Science and Business

Through a world-class education at JCU, you will gain all the skills you need to succeed. Equipped with an understanding of IT, training in decision making, and a proficiency in using high-tech equipment, you will be ready to transfer seamlessly from study to the workplace.

You will thrive in JCU’s small class sizes as you learn how to assess the health of a business in the context of environmental concerns. Learning from lecturers committed to student success, you will master core discipline concepts such as:

  • Economics for sustainable business
  • Fisheries science
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Contemporary business communications
  • Environmental processes and global change

As important as theory is, experience has no substitute. As you study, you will take advantage of JCU’s frequent networking opportunities and connect with leading business and environmental science professionals. You will finish your degree with the skills to apply your technical and theoretical knowledge to the real world.

With your Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science degree behind you, you will know how to access and apply information effectively. You will have experience planning and carrying out reliable projects and field work. You will know how to organise and interpret the business and environmental data you acquire.

Business and Environmental Science - Multiple Areas of Specialisation

You thrive best when you follow your passions. The double major in business and environmental science offers you a range of elective subjects to pursue your interests and prepare you for further specialised study.

Your environmental science specialisation will uniquely equip you for the career you choose. You will be free to choose from majors like aquaculture, marine science, business, ecology, or environmental science. Whatever you choose, your education will be as unique as you are, and you will be ready to lead the way.

Hands-on Learning in Unique Environments

As you conduct research that makes a difference, you will study in some of the most unique and beautiful locations in the world. You can choose from multiple research centres in northern Queensland and gain unparalleled practical experience and specialised coursework.

You don’t have to go far, to go far. Your studies at the JCU Orpheus Island Research Station on the Great Barrier Reef will give you a hands-on understanding of marine science. In the JCU Daintree Rainforest Observatory, you will work in many unique environmental regions.

Even on campus you will work in state-of-the-art facilities, experiencing genuine fieldwork that will prepare you for the environmentally friendly workforce of the future.

Begin Your Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science

Businesses need to adapt to our growing understanding of responsible and sustainable business strategies. You love the environment and want to help everyone thrive: from corporations, to charities, to the natural world. With your degree in business and environmental science, you will be ready to work in a variety of impactful fields. You might be an environmental adviser to businesses or nonprofit organisations. You might work as an academic or consultant. You might work at hatcheries, in aquaculture programs, or in marine resource management.

Whichever career path you choose, you will be ready to apply an understanding of biodiversity to any business situation. You will be on the forefront of implementing strategies for sustainable change.
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Consult the handbook for majors available at each campus and a detailed overview of available subjects.

Inherent requirements

Inherent requirements are the identified abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours that must be demonstrated, during the learning experience, to successfully complete a course. These abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours preserve the academic integrity of the University’s learning, assessment,and accreditation processes, and where applicable, meet the standards of a profession. For more information please review the inherent requirements for the Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science.