Domestic Bachelor of Business-Bachelor of Laws

Domestic Bachelor of Business-Bachelor of Laws

Take advantage of close community links and practical learning experiences that complement your in-depth theoretical knowledge. Focus on real-life scenarios and gain the work-ready skills valued by employers.

Learn from experts in the field and practising legal professionals including judges, senior academics, and a range of local organisations. Combine the elements of managing competitive and sustainable businesses with a keen awareness of contemporary standards of practice.

The Law component of this course is an approved qualification for admission to practise law in Queensland. Further information on admission to practise is available from the Queensland Legal Practitioners Admissions Board, and Boards in other States. Practising legal professionals teach and tutor regularly, providing you with direct access to contemporary standards of practice and facilitate a practical learning environment. Your Law classes and workshops involve judges and senior academics along with local law firms, government agencies, community organisations and the local bar.

Our Business program focuses on providing skills and qualifications to prepare you for your future professional employment and positions of leadership, in organisations and the community.

You will participate in real-world experiences and learn from our researchers, managers and lecturers, who are experts in their field.

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About JCU's Bachelor of Business, Bachelor of Laws

Are you looking for a way to combine your interests in business and law? What if you could develop complementary skills in a way that will make you one of the most highly-sought graduates? JCU's law and business degree is the perfect way to combine your business mindset with your affinity for the intricacies of law. With this double degree in law and business, you will hone a set of sought-after skills that put you on the right track for success.

A Law and Business Degree with the Right Education: Right Outcome

Your dream career in business and law begins with this joint degree. Your Bachelor of Business Bachelor of Laws degree from JCU is widely acknowledged by professionals, both in public and private industry, as providing all the necessary practical skills and knowledge to succeed in a competitive field.

Whether you want to serve in the public sector or develop a successful career in private industry, your degree will position you for success. With a double degree in law and business, you will be especially valuable to businesses, government agencies, charities, and the broader legal professions.

As a graduate of JCU’s Bachelor of Business Bachelor of Laws degree, you will be ready to work in any area of law, including:

  • Business and commercial law
  • General legal practice
  • Taxation law
  • Criminal law
  • Environmental law
  • Industrial law
  • As a solicitor or barrister

Your world-class education from JCU will qualify you to practise law in Queensland. JCU is committed to student success, and our network of legal and judicial professionals throughout Queensland will give you contacts in the wider legal world. They will also put you in a practical environment in line with the latest standards in law and justice.

This degree does more than just prepare you to practice law. It will also equip you with the business acumen you need to apply your legal skills in areas like economics, marketing, and many other business fields.

With this degree, you will be able to assess complicated situations and perform better than professionals with a singular focus. The skills you gain today will equip you for the jobs of the future.

We Invest in You

We are as committed to your future as you are! Experience has no substitute, and JCU’s lecturers and tutors are leading legal professionals who are making a difference in the local and global community. We regularly invite judges, senior academics, local law firms, government agencies and the local bar to host and take part in your law classes and workshops.

At the same time, our popular business program is designed with input from leading industry professionals, and will equip you with detailed knowledge of the commercial world. As you study, you will see firsthand how business and law intersect in the modern world.

The world changes constantly, and we are committed to updating our business program to include current research with real-world relevance. In JCU’s business with law degree, you are free to pursue your own unique interests and passions by choosing from a range of minors. Our Bachelor of Business Bachelor of Laws degree will set you up for success in the global workforce by correlating classroom learning with real-world application.

A Joint Law and Business Degree; a Joint Effort

As you take on a full-time, five-year degree that is both demanding and rewarding, you can rest assured that you will not go at it alone. Our joint business and law students and graduates overwhelmingly report feeling supported and equipped with all the resources they need to succeed.

As you pursue your degree, you can take advantage of our small class sizes and our popular Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS). These sessions will pair you with students from the same course, and together you revise difficult material, consider different perspectives and discuss ideas together to gain a deeper, practical understanding.

Studying with lecturers committed to student success, you will not only master your primary courses but also revise your knowledge of maths, statistics and academic reading and writing. You can sign up for self-study workshops to help you with effective note taking, studying for exams and writing assignments. With this kind of practical support, you will develop a healthy study routine and become confident in your abilities.

Study JCU's Law and Business Degree and Be Ready for Success

A strong foundation to the start of your career is critical. When you obtain your business with law degree from JCU, you will be prepared for success. Get ready today for tomorrow and see how a law and business degree will equip you to follow your chosen career path and make a difference in the world.
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Consult the handbook for majors available at each campus and a detailed overview of available subjects.

Inherent requirements

Inherent requirements are the identified abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours that must be demonstrated, during the learning experience, to successfully complete a course. These abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours preserve the academic integrity of the University’s learning, assessment, and accreditation processes, and where applicable, meet the standards of a profession. For more information please review the inherent requirements for the Bachelor of Business - Bachelor of Laws.