Domestic Bachelor of Education ( Primary )

Domestic Bachelor of Education ( Primary )

Learn to establish positive and engaging learning environments for primary school students. Benefit from a wide range of placement opportunities across your degree in regional, rural and remote areas. Develop skills to improve Indigenous education outcomes and leverage a world-class education into a career that will change lives, including your own.

Focus on the curriculum for children from Prep to Year Six. You’ll learn methods for engaging students through creative activities and strategies, establishing routines and patterns, and maintaining positive, respectful learning environments. Develop skills for leading a classroom, including inclusive teaching methods that ensure the success of each of your students.

Experience relevant workplace learning in primary school settings. Gain professional experience from your first year of study in state, Catholic, and independent schools. Over the course of your Bachelor of Education (Primary) degree, you’ll undertake 85 days of placement. In your final year, you will complete a mandatory five-day intensive Professional Orientation Program, ensuring that you’re ready to take on your career in education with confidence.

Study online

The Bachelor of Education (Primary) Online is built for students with busy lives. You will study one subject at a time, up to six times a year. Each subject goes for six weeks, allowing you to focus on a single area of study each time.  It also spreads your study load across the year, and you still get 10 weeks of breaks. By completing six subjects per year, you can complete a Bachelor of Education (Primary) in approximately 5 years.

Study via the RATEP pathway

The Bachelor of Education (Primary) is also part of the Remote Area Teacher Education Program (RATEP) pathway to teacher education. RATEP's aim is to increase the number of registered Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander teachers in Queensland by offering courses in communities where students live, through a partnership between JCU, TAFE Queensland and the Queensland Department of Education. RATEP centres are based in numerous school communities, where teacher coordinators will support you in your study.

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About JCU's Bachelor of Education - Primary

Are you ready to shape Australia’s future, and your own, by working with eager young minds in primary schools? Primary education courses at JCU can help you achieve your dreams, equipping you to work anywhere from urban city centres to remote and rural locations.

Comprehensive Education

You want to keep your options open, and a primary education degree from JCU will prepare you for anything. By the time you graduate, you will be qualified to teach in state schools, Catholic schools or the private sector from prep to year six.

You will gain much more than just theoretical knowledge in your primary school teacher training at JCU. Experience has no substitute, and you can be sure of extensive real-world experience with your primary school teaching degree.

With your Bachelor of Education Primary experience, you will work in professional, hands-on contexts in a range of schools and learning environments. Lecturers committed to student success will be constantly on hand to guide you as you learn to critically evaluate and apply the latest research.

A Primary School Teaching Degree with Personalised Education

You have specialties you love, and at JCU your Bachelor of Education, Queensland program offers you the chance to choose from five specialisations to suit your strengths and passions.

You will guide students to a higher appreciation of language and literature with an English or literacy specialisation. With a specialisation in mathematics, you will be there to see the moment when students finally comprehend that complex principle.

You can indulge your own love for STEM by specialise in science. Imagine sparking that same kind of passion in your students! Choose the health and physical education specialisation to leverage your interest in health and fitness and pass your interests on to another generation.

Primary Teaching Courses That Lead To Employment Opportunity

As a graduate of a Bachelor of Teaching Primary, you will be ready to teach any of a number of subject areas. You will be perfectly positioned to work as a primary teacher anywhere in Australia or even overseas.

Your primary education courses at JCU will particularly equip you to work with Torres Strait Islander or Aboriginal students. Many options will be open to you, and your degree will make you highly valuable.

With the experience you gain in International Service Learning placements through JCU’s program, you will have valuable cross-cultural experience, too. Your skills will be in demand at home and abroad.

A Primary School Teaching Degree with World-Class Education

You will be poised to succeed at JCU with our passion for student success. Professionals will help you develop a healthy study routine and become confident in your abilities. You can take advantage of our popular Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS). These sessions enable students from the same primary education course to revise difficult material, consider different perspectives and discuss ideas together to gain a deeper understanding.

You will also have any help you need in learning to set schedules, take notes, revise for exams and prepare research. With helpful feedback on your academic writing and constant access to a learning advisor, you will develop all the strategies you need to succeed.

By the time you finish your studies and graduate with your primary education degree, you will feel confident in your own judgement. With a developed sense of professional responsibility and experience in taking initiative, you will be ready to pass on your world-class education to your own students and set them up for a lifetime of success.

Successful Together

Your success is important to you, but it is also important to us and to your future students. When you leave with your education degree, you will know how to integrate your technical and curriculum knowledge into effective educational content.

You will know how to bring theory and practice together in the real world. Your students will thrive as you build a positive, engaging and respectful learning environment where they can develop and grow. You will lead the way in the schools you work in, with the skills to manage and incorporate regulations, policies, equality and sustainability.

The Future Is Yours When You Start Your Primary School Teacher Training

Start your Bachelor of Education Primary at JCU and take the first step on a journey of lifelong learning. With the skills to teach anywhere and the confidence to use what you know, you will be positioned for a truly fulfilling career.
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Inherent requirements

Inherent requirements are the identified abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours that must be demonstrated, during the learning experience, to successfully complete a course. These abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours preserve the academic integrity of the University’s learning, assessment, and accreditation processes, and where applicable, meet the standards of a profession. For more information please review the inherent requirements for the Bachelor of Education (Primary).