Domestic Bachelor of Environmental Practice

Domestic Bachelor of Environmental Practice

Benefit from JCU’s world-class research* in environmental science and management and learn how the biological, physical, social, economic and political spheres interact and impact on our environment.

JCU’s Environmental Practice students develop an understanding of how to manage the interactions between people and the environment to find solutions to complex environmental problems. In your final year, build connections through a professional placement and work experience.

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About JCU's Bachelor of Environmental Practice

We only have one Earth. Positive climate action and systemic change can be influenced by individuals encouraging corporations to have a positive impact on the environment. Work alongside professionals who are solving the most pressing environmental issues of our day – study a Bachelor of Environmental Practice from James Cook University.

Environmental Management Courses That Will Get You Ready Today for Tomorrow

Join JCU’s world-class researches and learn from the experts. Many consumers have lived as if social concerns, economic issues, corporate needs, and the environment were not inter-connected. With the result being global environmental issues like climate change, studying a Bachelor of Environmental Practice will prepare you to be part of the solution.

Lead the way in bringing urban design, corporate action, and government policy in line with best practices in resource management and biodiversity with the skills you learn from JCU’s Bachelor of Environmental Practice. Access unrivalled natural environments such as the Australian Outback, World Heritage Great Barrier Reef or the Wet Tropic’s Daintree Rainforest.

Like a Bachelor in Environmental Science, this degree will prepare you to meet the environmental challenges you are passionate about. Understand the positive and negative impacts of development alongside the ecosystems of coastal regions. Learn how to combine profitable business practices with sustainable environmental policies, and how urban landscapes can become more sustainable for everyone.

An Environmental Management Degree That Will Put You in High Demand

You can make a difference in the corporate world, in public policy decisions, in water preservation, or even in remediation activities. Whether you want to design new sustainable urban environments or help a corporation navigate environmental law, be in high demand with your environmental science degree.

Through your environmental management courses, develop your understanding of how to manage the interaction of people and the environment. Gain practical skills in solving pressing sustainability issues that will contribute to your employability.

With an environmental practice degree from JCU, you are learning from expert lecturers who integrate their world-class research into the classroom*.

Choose the area of study that best suits your values and interests. Consider corporate environmental management, land and water management, urban environments, or biodiversity design and management. Whichever area you specialise in, you will be actively contributing to research that makes a difference.

Our Environmental Degrees Are Committed to Student Success

Your world-class education begins here, experience small class sizes and learn from world-class experts in their field. Your lecturers will help you explore the theory being taught and show you how to develop strategic partnerships and community engagement.

Experience has no substitute. JCU offers frequent professional placements and work experience opportunities in real-world environments. Throughout your placements you will gain the opportunity to build global professional networks and connections to last a lifetime.

Develop skills in retrieving and analysing information from your work in the field and complete laboratory and field experiments. You will graduate from your environmental management courses with the tools needed to apply your knowledge to the issues facing our world.

Enrol in JCU's Environmental Science Degree and Forge a Future

Design your own future with your environmental management degree from JCU. Once you graduate, you are prepared for a variety of employment options. You will be ready to manage corporate relations with stakeholders or work in business compliance. Prepare budgets and reports that help corporations meet financial targets in a sustainable manner.

Or work in the field conducting historical research or site assessments prior to developing regulatory recommendations. Build on your passion for a sustainable future for our cities, and manage fresh water supplies or design urban green spaces. Or work in management on various environmental projects.

Whatever you choose to do in environmental science and management, the future is yours. Our world needs your skills, and the environmental degrees at JCU will prepare you to make a difference.

*Excellence in Research Awards 2018
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Refer to the handbook for a detailed overview of available subjects.

This unique course offers the opportunity to specialise in one or two of the following three majors:

Biodiversity Assessment and Management

Gain the skills to enable you to assess and manage aquatic and terrestrial species. Learn the essential concepts of biodiversity, biological processes, and ecology.

Students will apply these concepts in upper level specialised classes. Modern field methods are used during field-based subjects in World-Heritage listed coastal, coral reef, and rainforest environments.

Environmental Practice

Combine socio-economics with environmental skills to tackle key global sustainability challenges in the environmental and socio-political context. Understand how people are at the core of environmental problems — and solutions.

Students learn key concepts in environmental economics and policy, human dimensions of environmental management, sustainability and planning.

Land and Water Management

Learn about physical geosciences, environmental processes and impacts on land, wetlands, river catchments, and coasts. You will develop your knowledge of how the Earth functions as a dynamically interactive system.

With tutelage from expert lecturers, students master the fundamentals of hydrology, soil science, geomorphic patterns and processes, and natural hazards. Benefit from field-based studies accessing unrivalled geographical and climatically diverse landscapes, including the Great Barrier Reef catchments.

*Excellence in Research Awards 2018