Domestic Bachelor of Marine Science

Domestic Bachelor of Marine Science

Undertake research at the JCU Orpheus Island Research Station, or on-site at various coral reef, island, seagrass and mangrove environments visited when completing this degree.  Develop a deep understanding of marine systems while studying in JCU's advanced research aquariums and laboratories.  Learn how to best manage human impacts and preserve dynamic marine and coastal environments.

Develop high-level skills in evolving technologies that are providing solutions to previously unsolvable problems.  Build your capabilities in the use of seabed mapping and fish assessment sonar, oceanographic sensors, and a range of technologies used for gathering data above and below the waves.

Build networks with international students who study this degree, and with the concentration of marine scientists and managers located in north Queensland. Opportunities may also exist to undertake an exchange program with an international university.

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About JCU's Bachelor of Marine Science

Pursue your passion for the ocean and marine science with a JCU Bachelor of Marine Science - a comprehensive science degree studying the elements of the ocean with a strong focus on first-hand experiences. Access diverse learning environments including Orpheus Island on the Great Barrier Reef.

A Marine Science School with World-Class Teaching and Learning

The challenges facing our oceans require bold minds and creative solutions. Marine science students are trained to work with developing technologies. JCU offers a world-class education in Marine Science. Explore oceanography like never before with our cutting-edge technology, including sensors and radar.

JCU’s marine science degree has a focus on the sustainability of the oceans and coasts and is ideal for students interested in developing solid foundations in the biological, physical and chemical sciences relevant to coastal and ocean systems. Specialist marine science degrees suit those interested in sustainably managing healthy marine ecosystems.

Study Marine Science in the Most Beautiful Locations on Earth

Take advantage of JCU’s real-world practical experience. Study your marine science bachelor degree on-site at coral reefs, islands, mangroves, and seagrass beds including the Great Barrier Reef National Park. Access JCU’s research vessels and the JCU Orpheus Island Research Station and Aquarium Complex.

Learn from academics who are experts in their field and are passionate about addressing the challenges of our seas. Together with industry professionals, you will research solutions for the future and be part of a team solving problems that challenge scientists and managers today.

Understand how to collect data, map the seabeds, assess the health of marine life populations, look for underwater deposits, and monitor and track everything under the waves. Your research will take you to coral reefs, research ships and seagrass beds.

A Marine Science University with Great Learning Resources

Master the fundamentals, such as understanding biological processes, the chemistry of the ocean, coastal and marine geomorphology and fisheries science. Then, start planning field investigations and learn how to collect and analyse the data you find. Access the newest technologies and the most cutting-edge techniques to collate the data you need.

Learn how to draw logical conclusions from what you know and devise workable solutions to problems. Gain the skills to understand how the intricate ocean systems work together so you can manage them effectively. You will also master practical skills in working safely in diverse marine environments.

Marine Science at JCU - The Way to a Healthier Future for Our Oceans

JCU’s bachelor program in marine science offers students hands-on opportunities and invaluable experience that will help them succeed in the workforce.

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View the handbook for a detailed overview of core subjects and available options.

Inherent requirements

Inherent requirements are the identified abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours that must be demonstrated, during the learning experience, to successfully complete a course. These abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours preserve the academic integrity of the University’s learning, assessment,and accreditation processes, and where applicable, meet the standards of a profession. For more information please review the inherent requirements for the Bachelor of Marine Science.