Domestic Graduate Diploma of Research Methods

Domestic Graduate Diploma of Research Methods

Develop foundational research and analytical skills with the Graduate Diploma of Research Methods. In this one-year degree, you will consider research methodologies and critical thinking skills relevant to planning, implementing and completing a research project that aligns with your previous qualifications.

The Graduate Diploma of Research Methods is a pathway for students seeking to gain the research experience and understanding of methodologies required for entry into a PhD or research Master degree at JCU.

Before you apply for this Diploma, you should define your research topic and seek the agreement of an experienced JCU advisor. Explore our list of available advisors to find one within your planned area of focus.

Combine your passion for research with your subject-matter expertise. Study two core research subjects, and tailor your course to suit your interests by choosing four electives from JCU’s wide range of research methodology subjects.

Develop a research proposal and conduct a literature review to an academic research standard. You will benefit from the opportunity to design your own independent research project, which includes devising a rationale, methodology and ethics application. Receive tailored support to complete your small-scale research project. Gain experience communicating your findings to a variety of audiences by writing a research-based thesis and presenting your result in a seminar format.

As you learn how to conduct independent research, you’ll be supported by leading research advisors, who will provide you with personal advice and guidance that is tailored to your research focus and your own developing research style.

Working in collaboration with your advisor, you may also have the opportunity to publish your findings and gain additional research credentials.

Graduates emerge from their studies prepared to successfully apply research skills in a professional context. Upon successful completion of the Graduate Diploma of Research Methods, you may be eligible to apply to a Higher Degree by Research program at JCU.