Domestic Master of Business Administration

Domestic Master of Business Administration

Enhance your career prospects with JCU’s Master of Business Administration (MBA). Gain an in-depth understanding of sustainable enterprise, corporate strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship. JCU MBA graduates are highly sought after for their ability to analyse current practices and outcomes in a business or organisation and develop innovative methods for enhancing its enterprise and success.

JCU’s Master of Business Administration degree has a strong focus on applying and integrating sustainable economic, social and environmental business performance methods to new or existing business models. You will learn how to evaluate the context of a business or organisation and identify the appropriate performance method/s that will enhance its performance or solve a key issue within the business’s framework. You will study a broad body of theoretical and technical knowledge and gain skills in critically analysing complex contemporary business issues and making effective decisions or recommendations for improvement.

This Master of Business Administration degree has six core subjects covering a broad range of topics and will equip you to work effectively in any field of business. You can specialise your degree by choosing from several majors, including Analytics and Business Solutions, Creative Marketing, Leadership and Project Management. You can also choose to undertake either a research project, or a professional internship with one of JCU’s leading industry partners. Both the research project and the internship provide extensive experience that will prepare you for your future career as well as networking opportunities that will benefit your professional development.

Advance your business career and develop the skills to lead innovative and sustainable change. JCU MBA graduates are highly valued by employers for their expert knowledge, skills, and experience, particularly in relevance to the Tropics.


Analytics and Business Solutions

Learn how to analyse large volumes of data for trends, patterns and relationships that give insight into a business’ performance, its key audiences and demographics, and the market it operates in. In this major, you’ll be equipped to manage information resources, build basic business intelligence systems, interpret business statistics and develop practical decision models. Use your analytical and decision-making skills to help businesses improve their strategic operations for increased success.

Creative Marketing

Learn how to use your creativity to strategically engage your target demographic in unique and inspiring ways that connect your audience to your brand. In this major, you’ll find out how e-strategic management, analytics and innovation can help your brand thrive in domestic and international markets. You’ll learn how to creatively engage your audience through advertisement campaigns, targeted messaging and storytelling, and customer experiences in both digital and physical spaces.

Global Talent Management

Gain the knowledge and skills to improve the way we work in the 21st century. The Global Talent Management major focuses on leading and managing organisational change and exploring methods for solving contemporary issues in human resource management. You’ll learn about HR analytics and decision making as well as pillars of modern global talent management such as data analysis, employee experience, tax and legal compliance, and integrated technology.


Use your love of innovation, entrepreneurship and people-management to strengthen your employability. Learn how to lead businesses in highly competitive environments, solve complex organisational problems, plan effectively and hire the right employees. Managing finances, resources, and direct business operations with confidence in a fast-paced setting. You will learn a variety of transferable skills, important in managing a business or team in any industry.

MICE, Tourism and Hospitality

Stand out from the crowd with this major and manage tourism and hospitality attractions, events, and services. Learn about the strategies and standards of the hospitality and tourism industry as well as the key business areas of meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions (MICE).

Gain the professional expertise to manage, plan, and market the food, recreation, accommodation and tourism industry. Your in-depth understanding of hospitality will allow you to create amazing travel and event experiences while meeting target goals of generating revenue, increasing brand awareness and engaging with stakeholders.

Project Management

Learn how to harness your passion, resolve and vision to deliver groundbreaking results for business, government and the community. Develop vital skills in linear planning, leadership and management, and risk assessment in complex projects.

Be in high demand as a professional in a field equally important across disciplines, industry sectors and government both in Australia and internationally. Gain the skills and expertise to guide businesses towards success during turbulent times, contributing to the prosperity, health, safety and sustainability of tropical communities.

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Master’s Degree in Business Administration

An MBA, or Master of Business Administration, is one of the most practical and applicable postgraduate degrees one can pursue. And the JCU MBA at Queensland is the most applicable MBA you can find. The degree covers six main subjects that aid graduates across all their possible career paths, including marketing, human resources, finance, analytics, and more. Meanwhile, students can also specialise in one of several different Majors, each of which focuses on a different aspect of business and enterprise. Thanks to all the material covered in this course, graduates can pursue a seemingly endless pool of varying job opportunities.

JCU has also ensured that the degree offers students plenty of networking opportunities. After all, no amount of business theory competes with knowing and impressing the right person. That’s why this MBA is a balance of learning and connecting. Your capstone project at the end of the degree can be either a research project or a professional internship. The research project would involve plenty of interviews with industry experts; it is also an opportunity to meet many of those in your chosen field beforehand. The internship, similarly, gives you practical experience and allows you to leave a positive impression on one of JCU’s industry-leading partners. In other words, this MBA will allow you to meet the right people and will ensure that you have the expert knowledge to know what you are doing when you meet them.

The Majors and the Associated Career Opportunities

  • Analytics and Business Solutions: This major teaches students to gather, interpret, and apply data from sales and marketing. That includes customer demographics and trends as well as competitors’ details. Analytics majors would likely work closely with management and advertising to make data-backed decisions to improve operations.
  • Creative Marketing: Every business has a brand; this major teaches you how to turn the abstracts of that brand into engaging and persuasive advertising. You’ll learn ad strategies, storytelling, and different marketing mediums and their strengths. This major suits students who are interested in marketing and media.
  • Global Talent Management: This major offers plenty of insight into HR and good legal practice for businesses. It also teaches you how to effectively assign employees based on skills and experience.
  • Leadership: Here, students learn how to thrive in a highly competitive setting. That involves choosing the right people, considering all the variables in a decision, managing resources, and planning accordingly.
  • MICE, Tourism, and Hospitality: This major focuses on the highly regulated and fast-paced tourism and hospitality industries. Learn how to thrive within the health, safety, and hygiene standards of the field. Acquire strategies for managing resources and supplies within your business.
  • Project Management: Every business undertakes large-scale projects involving multiple departments. This specialisation teaches students to take point on those projects and ensures they operate efficiently and punctually. This major is ideal for those who seek management and executive positions.

How to Apply for the MBA (Business Administration) at JCU in QLD

You can apply for the MBA Master of Business Administration through the JCU Online Application Portal.
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Inherent requirements

Inherent requirements are the identified abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours that must be demonstrated, during the learning experience, to successfully complete a course. These abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours preserve the academic integrity of the University’s learning, assessment,and accreditation processes, and where applicable, meet the standards of a profession. For more information please review the inherent requirements for the Master of Business Administration.