Domestic Master of Data Science (Professional)

Domestic Master of Data Science (Professional)

JCU students have the advantage of learning how to apply data science skills to tropical, regional, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contexts. Benefit from industry expertise with courses taught by data scientists, SAS partnership and certification, and access to the SAS data Science Academy. Domestic students can choose to complete a Master of Data Science online.

Learn to exercise your professional judgment to suit specific circumstances and have the opportunity to complete a substantial research-based project. Your capstone project will allow you to build a portfolio to showcase your expertise.

Upon graduating, you will be across recent developments and modern challenges in data science and equipped with skills in key areas including machine learning, data mining, algorithm development, and advanced modelling.

You will have senior industry contacts, experience with real-world projects, and a foundational understanding of technology that allows you to adapt to every innovation. You will know when and how to apply computing languages and computational tools for data acquisition, queries, management, analysis, and visualisation.

You'll experience an innovative delivery method - this degree is broken up into twelve study periods. Students must complete an additional subject externally (online) in specified study periods throughout the course duration, in order to complete sixteen subjects in two, full-time years of study.

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About JCU's Master of Information and Data Science in Queensland

Be ready for the jobs of the future with a Master of Data Science (Professional) (similar to a Masters in Data Analytics) from James Cook University. Deepen your knowledge of cutting-edge techniques, industry best practices, and key research methods to progress your current career or open up new opportunities for success.

Your World-Class Education Begins Here

Build your portfolio and professional network as you study your Master of Data Science (Professional) degree online or in Cairns, Queensland. Work with, and learn from, leading data scientists in cutting-edge research facilities. Build your industry contacts and connect with peers who could become key professional contacts in the future.

Study under lecturers committed to student success and in subjects with small class sizes. Master the newest innovations in the big-data industry as you grow your skills and practice applying them in real-world settings. Choose to study on campus in Cairns or online.

Be Prepared to Meet Statistical Challenges

Build a solid foundation for success as you study core subjects. Become adept at gathering information and analysing algorithms, then interpreting them at a conceptual level. Gain advanced knowledge of the principles of statistical methods, linear modelling, and data visualisation.

Strengthen your understanding of the mathematics necessary for Data Scientists and how to apply these to binary relations and data science problems. Learn the latest data mining and machine learning techniques and understand how to make strategic decisions that advance business success or solve issues for society.

Master real-world problems

Focus your knowledge and learn advanced skills as you progress your data science masters degree.

Complete a capstone project to culminate your studies. Showcase your advanced skills and ability to apply complex data to real-world problems facing society, industry and science. Conceptualise problems in a working environment and then plan and implement solutions that solve them.

Study a Masters Degree in Data Analytics and Develop as a Thinker

Gain more than just knowledge and industry-specific skills through your information and data science master degree. Develop your skills as an independent thinker and as an advanced, analytical problem solver. Take the initiative to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Apply your knowledge and skills in a variety of social contexts as you gain experience in Australia's unique regional and cultural contexts.

Become an expert at working with ethical issues of privacy and data security in a way that conforms to regulatory requirements and respects cultural frameworks. Develop your skills as an effective communicator and express your ideas to experts and non-specialist audiences alike. Collaborate with others and use your data science skills in team settings as a team-member or a leader.

Get Ahead With a Master of Data Science (Professional) From JCU

Your masters coursework at James Cook University will prepare you to make a difference in society, as it allows you to work for governments, the private sector or research institutes. Use machine learning to advance business intelligence for the world's leading tech and finance companies or freelance as a business intelligence specialist. Invest in your future today with a degree from JCU.

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Consult the handbook for more information.

Nested Qualifications

Students taking the Master of Data Science (Professional) have the option to exit the course early and receive a Graduate Certificate of Data Science after four subjects or a Graduate Diploma of Data Science after eight subjects.

Inherent requirements

Inherent requirements are the identified abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours that must be demonstrated, during the learning experience, to successfully complete a course. These abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours preserve the academic integrity of the University’s learning, assessment,and accreditation processes, and where applicable, meet the standards of a profession. For more information please review the inherent requirements for the Master of Data Science (Professional).