Domestic Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management

Domestic Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management

Learn from expert lecturers who are leaders in their fields. With a focus on sustainability, innovation and effective leadership, you will learn how to make decisions using critical thinking and analyse high-level issues

Students complete essential core subjects and choose from a range of electives. Get real-world knowledge through your own research project.

Become a leader in the hospitality and tourism sector with this specialist JCU postgraduate course. Advance your career and become a management-level professional with expert knowledge of business operations and administration.

Your career path could lead you to work in hotels, resorts, convention centres, and other hospitality and tourism venues, as well as government departments or private companies like airports, meetings, events and tour operators, in Australia and overseas.

Graduates find employment in roles such as General Managers, Sales and Marketing Directors, Human Resources Managers, Event Managers, Convention Services Managers, Front Office Directors, Directors of Catering, and Managers of Information Technology.
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About JCU's Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management

Equip yourself to deal with the complex issues facing the modern hospitality industry. Launch a new career or propel the one you have through your Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management (similar to a Masters in Hospitality Management) with JCU.

Become a Leader With a Masters in Hospitality

Work with leaders in the field, building your professional network and gaining first-hand experience in making decisions and stepping in to solve problems. Become a master at effective oral and written communication skills through your hospitality masters degree, leading and directing others as you work towards the company’s vision.

Use your skills to help team members collaborate to achieve business success and provide exceptional experiences to guests. Learn to work effectively both independently and within a group. Take ownership for your decisions and practice taking initiative to resolve conflict, bring people together, and inspire those who work under your supervision.

A Hospitality Masters Degree That Gains You Valuable Experience

Virtual reality is no substitute, and through your hotel management masters studies at JCU you will gain direct, real-world experience. Develop your critical thinking and analysis skills through your world-class education. Design and pursue your own research project, applying your theoretical knowledge to practical situations.

Understand how the hospitality industry affects the environment and the economics of community tourism. Become competent at understanding different value systems embraced by varying cultures and how this plays into issues within the industry.

Learn how to use revenue management skills and dynamic pricing to grow a property. Build your accounting and financing skills on the principles of marketing management and tourism system analysis to provide an experience that visitors want. Become competitive in the global market with an enhanced knowledge of cross-cultural issues and how to market a destination.

Build a Sustainable Future with a Masters in Tourism Management

Prepare to meet the challenges of the future with our hotel management masters degree. Understand how issues of sustainability and social justice integrate with the hospitality industry. Be a part of research that matters.

Learn how the hospitality industry can promote the importance of local cultures and socio-economic systems while providing the highest level of service to visitors. Use your skills and position to advocate for ethical environmental and economic practices.

Pursue Your Passions as You Launch a Career

Build on your interest in personal interaction, travel, and business to launch a successful career. Use your hospitality management masters anywhere in the world, ensuring customer safety and comfort, and coordinating the efforts of others.

Combine your Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management with a Master of Business Administration. Develop the skills employers want to see or use this degree as a strong foundation to become an entrepreneur.

Prepare yourself to work in traditional hospitality jobs at hotels, convention centres and resorts. Add value to government departments and tourism boards. Use your understanding of hospitality and gastronomy to become a catering director, or launch your own consulting or tourism enterprise.

Build Your Own Future With a Hospitality Masters

Be ready today for tomorrow with your hospitality masters from JCU. Build on your existing skills, learn new skills, and gain a multifaceted understanding of the hospitality field, and the future.
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Joint degree options

Joint degrees give postgraduate students expertise in a complementary discipline in reduced time and can enhance your career prospects. At JCU the Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management can be combined as a joint degree in the Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management - Master of Business Administration. Please note that the joint degree is not available in Cairns.