Domestic Master of Lifestyle Medicine

Domestic Master of Lifestyle Medicine

Stay up to date with the changing needs of the health profession, and benefit from new research, technology and multi-disciplinary health care education. Lifestyle medicine is a relatively recent discipline that focuses on managing lifestyle-related health problems to prevent and reverse common chronic physical and mental health illnesses.

Experience high-quality teaching and programs, with opportunities to engage with innovation and entrepreneurship in the health, community and industry spaces. Critically investigate and assess lifestyle-related disease, including diverse models of care. Throughout your course, you’ll learn to apply theories in psychological, medical, nutritional and addiction science in a variety of health contexts.

Choose from electives in research, public health, business and health professional education to align with your career goals. Build your network with connections to high profile clinicians, researchers, industry experts and innovators in the field of lifestyle medicine. This flexible, online course takes three years to complete part-time.

With studies indicating that the majority of chronic disease burden is preventable with lifestyle interventions, the demand for lifestyle medicine professionals is only increasing.

Graduates of JCU’s Master of Lifestyle Medicine will be sought-after leaders with the skills to improve health care innovatively and holistically. All health professionals are encouraged to apply.

Students who complete the Master of Lifestyle Medicine will be eligible to apply for a Fellowship of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

For students who do not qualify to enter directly into the Master of Lifestyle Medicine you may use the Graduate Certificate of Lifestyle Medicine or the Graduate Diploma of Lifestyle Medicine as a stepping stone towards the higher qualification.
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Master of Lifestyle Medicine

Do you feel passionate about health and wellbeing and want to pursue a fulfilling career in helping people? Consider the growing field of lifestyle medicine, an evidence-based branch of medicine which focuses on researching, preventing and treating health issues caused by lifestyle factors and preventable causes. As a lifestyle medicine professional, you can help the world live healthier, fuller lives and help people improve the quality of their lives by changing their habits and behaviours. If you choose lifestyle medicine, you can work in health care without spending ten years studying to become a doctor. JCU offers a unique lifestyle medicine master’s degree with online and flexible studying that sets you up for success in your future career by providing you with all the skills you need for this field along with next-level networking opportunities. This degree is the only one of its kind in Australia offered under a school of medicine.

Why Study Lifetime Medicine?

Lifestyle is a growing and innovative field recognising the powerful impact of our lifestyle and behaviours on our health, which makes this a highly rewarding career for those interested in health and wellbeing. It is a career that truly makes a difference. Some of the reasons you should study lifestyle medicine master's degree include:

  • Become part of a growing field researching and learning about how behaviour and lifestyle impact our health
  • Support and help people to develop sustainable and healthy lifestyles and behaviours that prevent or ease the symptoms of various health problems
  • Work in medicine without a doctorate
  • Choose a future-proof career

With an increasing understanding of the importance of lifestyle on health, lifestyle medicine professionals are becoming more sought after, which means you would be entering a career where there is always demand for you and where you’ll be secure in employment in the future.

Study Part-Time Online

The Master of Lifestyle Medicine at JCU is a flexible and fully remote degree that you can complete from anywhere in the country. Studying online saves you time and money on commuting and offers flexibility. Completing the degree part-time allows you to fit it alongside your other commitments and remain in full-time employment as you study, easing the economic worries that often come with returning to education. The degree takes three years to complete part-time and will qualify you to apply for a Fellowship of the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine. If you do not qualify for the master’s, you can start by completing the Graduate Certificate of Lifestyle Medicine or Graduate Diploma of Lifestyle Medicine at JCU.

Studying a Lifestyle Medicine Master's Degree in QLD at JCU

If you’re looking to become a Master of Lifestyle Medicine in Queensland, there is no better choice than JCU. The JCU lifestyle medicine master’s degree is the only one in the country offered by a school of medicine. During your studies, you will get access to unique networking opportunities and connect with industry professionals. You will develop all the skills sought after in the industry and become highly employable after graduation. You will learn to apply theories from psychology, medicine, nutrition and addiction science in various health contexts, critically investigate lifestyle-related illnesses, engage with innovation and entrepreneurship in medicine, and more. You will have the opportunity to choose electives that suit your career aspirations and will finish your degree with a capstone project.

Apply for this unique degree through JCU’s online application portal.
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