Domestic Master of Professional Accounting - Master of Business Administration

Domestic Master of Professional Accounting - Master of Business Administration

Cover key areas in accounting and finance while gaining valuable skills in strategy and leadership.

Apply your complementary knowledge in accounting and business administration to deliver creative solutions in your workplace. Develop your professional judgement with a strong understanding of two prominent disciplines.

Learn how to relate advanced accounting knowledge to business practices, including auditing, finance, economics, and commercial, corporation, and taxation law. Demonstrate your synthesis of knowledge with an applied research project.

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MBA in Accounting and Business Administration

Studying accounting or business is an excellent way to set yourself up for success in a range of careers and industries, but combining the two allows for an even greater set of opportunities. The Master of Professional Accounting and Master of Business Administration at JCU equips you with all the valuable skills and knowledge that employers in all industries look for. You will prepare yourself for a flexible range of career opportunities and can expect to work in business or finance in a range of different roles. This master’s degree takes two years of full-time studies to complete at the JCU campus in Brisbane and has seen many previous graduates go on to successful careers in the field they’re most passionate about. If you want to give yourself an edge over other candidates with such extensive knowledge, or if you’re still unsure what you want to do in your career and want to give yourself the flexibility and options that come with a joint degree, this MBA is perfect for you.

What You Will Learn

Combining all the most important aspects of a degree in accounting with those of a degree in business administration, this joint MBA will provide you with a range of skills and valuable experience. During your studies, you will learn strategy and leadership that you can transform into management roles. You will also learn how to deliver creative solutions to any workplace and how to relate advanced accounting to business practices. You will develop a thorough understanding of two valuable core disciplines, accounting and business administration, as well as business practices that include finance, economics and auditing.

Career Opportunities

JCU graduates will be accredited with Certified Practising Accountants (CPA) Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ), and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), giving them an excellent head start in their careers. All graduates have excellent career prospects in the field they choose. Career opportunities will be available to you in business and finance, including as accountants or managers.

Why Study an MBA in Accounting at JCU in QLD?

If you’re looking to study a Master of Professional Accounting or an MBA in Accounting in Queensland, the joint Master of Professional Accounting and Master of Business Administration at JCU is one of the best options available to you. Not only will you have excellent career prospects because of the valuable skills you will develop, as demonstrated by previous graduates, but there are other reasons to choose JCU too. 82% of graduates of this degree were satisfied with their skills development. Students benefit from high-quality teaching from leading experts, excellent learning resources and practical experience from their research project. JCU is known as one of the best universities in Queensland for many disciplines, equipping students with real-life practical experience that equip them to succeed in a career of their choice. You will have access to networking opportunities and excellent student support.

Apply for the MBA in Accounting and Business Administration through JCU’s online application portal.
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Inherent requirements

Inherent requirements are the identified abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours that must be demonstrated, during the learning experience, to successfully complete a course. These abilities, attributes, skills, and behaviours preserve the academic integrity of the University’s learning, assessment, and accreditation processes, and where applicable, meet the standards of a profession. For more information please review the inherent requirements for the Master of Professional Accounting - Master of Business Administration.