Domestic Master of Rural Generalist Practice [#2003012]

Domestic Master of Rural Generalist Practice [#2003012]

Learn how to best utilise your full scope of practice in rural, regional and remote locations. This degree will prepare you to better meet the needs of your communities with this industry-developed specialist course.

The Master of Rural Generalist Practice will equip you to demonstrate clinical leadership across your chosen specialisation and contribute to combating the challenges of practice in rural settings.  Undertake a range of subjects that allow you to deliver rural and remote health services effectively and confidently in low-resource settings.

Begin by examining the unique opportunities and contexts that come with practice in rural and remote areas. You will develop an understanding of teaching for learning, enabling you to both lead and share your knowledge with peers and the wider community.

Hone your research skills with an advanced look at data and resources relevant to the health profession, with an understanding on how best to incorporate research into everyday practice. You will learn to evaluate and utilise current and evolving evidence, including biostatistics and other health data, to develop innovative solutions for complex local health and community services challenges.

Study your way by learning online, empowering you to access expert lecturers and learning resources with minimal need to leave your community. Examine real-world issues as well as solutions that can be designed, developed and implemented in your own community’s context to further health and wellbeing.

For entry to this course, you must have achieved a health-related bachelor’s degree and have at least two years’ professional experience in one of the following Allied Health practice fields: Nutrition/Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Psychology, Radiography, Social Work or Speech Pathology.

The study planner provides more information to assist in planning your enrolment in the Master of Rural Generalist Practice.