University Plan (2013-2017)

About JCU University Plan

James Cook University is defined by the tropics. We are unique among Australian universities, woven into the intellectual, economic and social fabric of our tropical location and set amid irreplaceable ecosystems and cultures that fire our intellects and imaginations. Our aims are challenging but attainable. Marshalling our broad intellectual strengths, we seek knowledge-based ways to help the world’s tropical regions prosper. We do this through shaping our teaching, research and engagement around four themes:
  • Tropical Ecosystems and Environment
  • Industries and Economies in the Tropics
  • Peoples and Societies in the Tropics
  • Tropical Health, Medicine and Biosecurity
This, the University Plan, builds upon our Strategic Intent through stating our priorities and presenting aims and objectives in relation to our core business and the enablers – the resources, services and capabilities that underpin the activities of the University. The Strategic Intent has a five to ten year outlook while the University Plan has a three to five year outlook.