Academy Learning Technology

Learning Technology

The Learning Technology Team facilitate and support the adoption of the latest technologies for the advancement of the student learning experience.

Provide specialist advice and assistance in the processes of -

Subject Transformation:

  • Design and create interactive digital learning objects
  • LearnJCU content templates
  • Training and Development:
  • Training for LearnJCU subject design, development and use
  • Training and testing support for new learning technologies

Online Support:

  • Co-facilitate live teaching sessions and public academic webinars
  • Troubleshoot online access issues

Learning Technology Team

Greg Walsh
Team Leader, Learning Technology

Digital Support Officers

  • Stephen Pritchard
  • Nick Corbett
  • Sophie Kempson
  • Rebecca Prescott

Learning Technology Advisors

  • Naomi Millgate
  • Natascha Kucurs
  • Colleen Hodgins

Digital Support Assistants

  • Daniel Pye
  • Luisa Renderos

Team Email: