Alternative Assessment and Exam Adjustments

AccessAbility Services Facilities and Services Alternative Assessment and Exam Adjustments

Alternative assessment / examination adjustments

Students who have a temporary or permanent disability or condition that affects their ability to undertake assessment or examinations may apply to AccessAbility Services for adjustments.

Students requesting assessment and/or examination adjustments due to a temporary or permanent disability, injury, illness or health condition, must provide current medical evidence.

Students requesting alternative assessment and/or examination adjustments should contact AccessAbility Services as soon as possible.

Alternative Assessment

Alternative assessment adjustments may include:

  • Negotiation with lecturers for alternative assessment options

  • Liaison with staff

  • Negotiation for extensions/deferrals

Exam Adjustments

Exam adjustments may include:

  • Use of a scribe or reader

  • Additional working time

  • Rest breaks

  • Alternative formatting of examination papers

  • Alternative room with suitable lighting

  • Use of alternative furniture (e.g. ergonomic chairs, adjustable tables, lecterns)

  • Access to food and drink

  • Wheelchair access

  • Use of computer

  • Home or hospital supervision

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