Checklist for Inclusive Teaching Practices

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  1. Are all electronic materials in accessible format?

  1. Are the subject resources available to students 2 weeks before the study period commences?

  1. Does the subject content align with the learning objectives and the assessments of the subject?

  1. Are the learning objectives of each lecture, tutorial or lab made explicit to students?

  1. Is there a progression in the complexity of learning tasks over the duration of the subject?

The Learning Environment

  1. Are the physical surroundings appropriate (levels of lighting, distance between lecturer and students, acoustics, distractions)?

  1. Are the acoustics in the room suitable for recording?

  1. Are the seating arrangements flexible?

Teaching Methods

  1. Do you vary the lesson type? (e.g. lecture, small group discussions, pair work, individual work)

  1. Do you provide an overview or summary of the lesson content?

  1. Do you use a range of presentation techniques to accommodate all learning styles? (e.g. charts, diagrams, pictures, graphic organisers)

  1. Do you break the lesson into chunks to allow students time to process information?

  1. Do you provide a glossary of new terms?

  1. Do you speak clearly, avoid the use of slang, colloquialisms and jokes which may offend or not be understood?

  1. Do you make the links between parts of a lesson clear by using 'signposting' (e.g. 'the first point to make is…,' 'this idea supports that of…')

  1. Do you rephrase difficult concepts?

  1. Do your questions elicit what students have learnt?

  1. Is your feedback timely, specific and constructive?

  1. Can your face be seen at all times when you are speaking during class?

Teaching Materials

  1. Do you provide hard copy materials in electronic form?

  1. Do you limit the amount of text on a PowerPoint slide or overhead transparency?

  1. Do you use short simple sentences in the text for PowerPoint or overhead transparencies?

  1. Is the font used in either visual or paper-based material easy to read? (e.g. sans serif fonts) Is the font used in visuals large enough to be read from all parts of the room?

  1. Do you have adequate spacing between lines of text?

  1. Do you use diagrams, tables and charts to clarify verbal explanations?

  1. Do you use appropriate coloured marking pens on a whiteboard or overhead transparency (black or blue)?

  1. Do you record your lectures?


  1. Do you make it clear to students what you are assessing?

  1. Do you have a range of assessment methods?

  1. Is the distribution of marks between coursework, assessment and the final examination balanced?

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Adapted from Monash University:

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