Suggestions for Alternative Assessments

AccessAbility Services Suggestions for Alternative Assessments

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The following suggestions are neither exhaustive nor prescriptive and students may require other alternatives depending on their circumstances.

Some examples of alternative assessment include:

  • Orals
  • Role plays
  • Case studies
  • Viva’s
  • Taped interviews
  • Slide presentations
  • Photographic essays
  • Simulations
  • Student describes to, or directs, a third person the steps of the assessment if the student unable to perform themselves
  • Additional assignments instead of examinations
  • Flexibility with deadlines if a large amount of reading and research is involved (for students with vision impairments, learning difficulties etc)
  • Alternative question formats for exam papers. For example: replacing some or all of the exam questions with long or short-answer and/or multiple choice questions (for students who have memory, processing and/or other cognitive difficulties)
  • For adjustments to formal examinations or for further advice contact AccessAbility Services