Advertising a property

It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the Rental Tenancy Act before you proceed.

  • Click on the Off Campus database

  • Click on the "register as a lister" You will be asked to create a username and password

  • Click on "add a new listing" and follow the prompts

  • Submit your new listing when completed

Your new listing will be checked and approved by the Accommodation Office and live on the website for two weeks. You are able to at any stage within this period to go in and edit or update or refresh your listing. A “reminder email” will be emailed to you before your listing expires.

There are features on this website, such as the ability to upload photos to enhance your chances of renting your room or property. An improved map feature showing the location of bus route, bike path and walking path.

To refresh (relist) your property simply login or click the link sent out in an automated email.

The site is maintained, moderated and hosted by JCU and made available to students, members of the public and some commercial accommodation providers with a variety of accommodation options listed and new properties added regularly. Any enquiries should be directed to the landlord via the contact details provided in the listing

A few tips:

  • You may login at any time within the two weeks and refresh your listing. When you “refresh” your listing it automatically goes to the top of the page. Ensure your “available” date is in the future and not the past. If your listing has been made “unavailable” it will remain on the data base until such time you wish to re-activate it. Expired listings will be deleted after 3 months.

  • Log on as if you are a student to view how the listings look. You can then get an idea of how the listings have been advertised and the cost of the rents. The username and password to use is “guest”

  • A lister is unable to view their own property whilst logged in with their own username, the lister will need to login as “guest” and password “guest” in order to view it live on the website.