Landlord Declaration

Landlord Declaration

The JCU Accommodation Service hosts and maintains this free database service to assist students in locating off-campus accommodation appropriate to their personal circumstances. The off-campus accommodation database is monitored by the JCU Accommodation Service however the rental arrangements facilitated  by the database are solely between the landlord and the tenant.

To maintain currency of property listings on the site, each listing will require "refreshing" in order to avoid expiry (become inactive, and no longer searchable) after a two-week period of being active. To refresh (relist) your property, simply click the link sent out in an automated reminder email as the expiry date approaches. This notification serves as a great reminder to update the details or remove a room/property that is no longer vacant and will also ensure that students will not have to trawl through unavailable (but still listed) items to find suitable accommodation.

You can log in to update or refresh your listing at any time. Expired listings are removed from the database periodically. If your listing has been removed, and you wish to advertise your property again, you will need to add a new listing.

Please note: It is advisable to research your rights and obligations as a landlord and register a rental agreement with the Residential Tenancy Authority (RTA). JCU is not responsible to any party accessing the database for any  loss or injury as a result of entering a private rental agreement. JCU retains the right to refuse listing of your property or remove it from the database and website at any time and without notice or explanation.


All information that you provide here is available to any member of the JCU community or general public via the internet. JCU accepts no responsibility for the way in which the information is subsequently used.

  • I declare that I have read and understood the relevant information contained on the RTA website relating to private rental arrangements between landlords and tenants.    
  • I agree that I will abide by my legal and moral obligations and show honesty and integrity in dealing with prospective and actual tenants.    
  • I am aware of my rights and obligations as a landlord under the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 and I am either the registered owner of the property or am otherwise authorised to enter into a private rental arrangement.    
  • I agree that I have read and understood the declaration and disclaimer above and I now wish to list my vacant accommodation in the JCU database.