Application process for Townsville on-campus Colleges and Halls

Accommodation Living in Townsville On-campus Townsville Colleges and Halls Application process for Townsville on-campus Colleges and Halls

Application process for Townsville on-campus Colleges and Halls

Registrations open for on-campus accommodation:

  • Semester 2 - registrations open April
  • Semester 1 - registrations open August

You can apply online via the Housing Portal.

Submit your application

  • The final section of the application requires you to submit the non-refundable $55.00 application fee.
  • Once your payment is submitted your application status automatically changes to “Pending Consideration” which indicates that you have fully completed your application.

Applications are sent to Residences

  • The residences will make their offers through an email.
  • When you receive this email you will need to click on the link that is provided by them in this email to accept the offer.

Check your application status

Check your application status via the Housing Portal.

  • To view the status of your application you are able to access the Housing Portal at any time or contact the Colleges or Halls directly.
  • If your first preference has no vacancies at the time of considering your application (“Pending Consideration”), the application is then forwarded on to your next preferred College and/or Halls for consideration.
  • If your application is not successful after the second round offers (“Waitlist”), it is moved into the waitlist pool where all Colleges/Halls are able to access your application. Any of the Colleges/Halls may offer you a place on campus if a vacancy arises, even if not noted as a preference.

Helpful tips for applicants

Acquaint yourself with the different Colleges and Halls and their fee structures before applying to avoid time wasted.

Treat your application like a job interview. Provide more information rather than less.

Have your references (signed letters from professionals such as employers and teachers) ready to upload to your application.  If waiting for a reference is going to delay submitting your application, perhaps source another referee.