Advanced Analytical Centre About the Advanced Analytical Centre

About the Advanced Analytical Centre

First formed in 1991, the Advanced Analytical Centre (AAC) is a central analytical facility that proudly supports research and industry, providing a wide range of analytical instrumentation backed by experienced and professional staff.

The AAC provides access to a range of techniques covering the fields of microscopy and microanalysis, inorganic and organic chemical analysis, mineralogy/crystallography and genetic analysis.

The centre provides a full range of services from sample preparation through to final analysis and reporting as well as specific, hands-on training in instrument use. It is also a Linked Laboratory to the Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Facility (AMMRF).

If using any of the facilities for the first time please discuss your requirements with a member of the AAC staff in order that we may help and advise you of the most appropriate method to obtain the results required.

General enquiries can be forwarded by email to Alternatively, contact the Centre Director.

Specific enquiries regarding details of a particular technique can be made directly to the officer in charge of this area (see "Our Staff" below).

Location of AAC

The main laboratories and offices of the Advanced Analytical Centre are based in Townsville at the Douglas Campus of James Cook University.  They are located on the ground floor of Building DB019 (Kevin Stark Research Building),

The above image is a snapshot from the interactive site map for JCU-Townsville. To see the full campus map go to:

Type in  "DB019" into the search window to highlight the AAC building.

Postal Address

Advanced Analytical Centre
Building DB019
James Cook University
Townsville Qld 4811

General Enquiries

Telephone:   07 4781 4599

Facsimile:   07 4781 5550

The centre offers a full range of services from sample preparation through to final analysis and reporting as well as specific, hands-on training in instrument use.

Researchers within James Cook University:  All material for analysis must be submitted with an AAC Internal Requisition form detailing contact information, type of work to be carried out and a charge code. The Internal Requisition form can be obtained from AAC office. This form must be completed and signed before work can be carried out.

External researchers/commercial:  all materials should be submitted accompanied by a purchase order or alternatively a completed Requisition Form, obtainable from the AAC office.  Companies or individuals who are using the services of the AAC for the first time will be required to read and sign a “Conditions of Use” statement prior to analysis being started.

Where multiple samples are being submitted for analysis, please ensure they are accompanied by a hard copy of the sample numbers and, if possible, a digital copy is also emailed to the officer in charge.

Any samples that may be considered hazardous or require special handling should be identified as such and include any relevant MSDS information.

General turn around time for all work is 3-4 weeks, but this can be reduced to <24 hours depending on the nature of the analysis/technical report required.

For firm quotes or further information please contact the Director: Dr Kevin Blake on extension 4864 or email

James Cook University has statutory responsibilities as an employer, and in this regard is committed to ensuring its workplaces and workplace activities are safe and healthy as far as practicable for staff and others students, contractors, volunteers and visitors.

Staff, students, contractors, volunteers and visitors have statutory and University obligations to comply with instructions given for health and safety at workplaces, to use and properly maintain personal protective equipment provided by the University when and where required, and a duty of care not to act in a manner so as to cause harm to themselves, to other people or to property; to report injuries and hazards, and not to interfere with or misuse anything provided for health and safety at University workplaces.

All members of the JCU community should be aware of and comply with the procedures set out in the JCU Workplace Health and Safety Manual. Where there are specific safety requirements that apply to instrumentation and laboratory usage within the AAC it is the responsibility of the officers in charge of that area to make users aware of these and carry out necessary training and safety induction.

It is a general requirement that all staff, students, researchers & visitors to the AAC must wear closed shoes when in the Centre and that appropriate protective clothing is worn when undertaking sample preparation.

All laboratories keep a full list of hazardous materials contained therein and accompanying MSDS information. You must advise the AAC where samples being submitted for analysis may contain hazardous substances.  Material Safety Data Sheets must accompany the samples where hazardous substances are present.

WH&S Officer: Shane Askew

Radiation Safety Officer: Kevin Blake

Fire Warden: Kevin Blake

First Aid Officers: Judy Casey, Gordon Warria