Accessing the facilities of the AAC

The AAC provides JCU staff and researchers access to a variety of techniques covering the fields of microscopy and microanalysis, inorganic and organic chemical analysis, mineralogy/crystallography and genetic analysis. A full list of the current facilities can be found at AAC instrumentation.

The centre offers a full range of services from sample preparation through to final analysis and reporting as well as specific, hands-on training in instrument use. We can also assist in planning/preparing demonstration practical classes as part of undergraduate teaching programs.

The facilities are available to all members of the JCU community.

Submitting samples / using facilities

All material for analysis must be submitted with an AAC Internal Requisition form detailing contact information, type of work to be carried out and a charge code.  This form must be completed and signed before work can be carried out.

Any samples that may be considered hazardous or require special handling should be identified as such and include any relevant MSDS information.

On-line booking of instruments

Whilst the AAC can undertake any/all actual analysis, researchers themselves typically perform microscope-based studies. Once a researcher has undergone specific training on an instrument these can be booked on-line using a web-based system. Information can be found at: AAC-web bookings.

For further information please contact the Director: Dr Kevin Blake on extension 4864 or email