Web-based bookings for microscope systems

Web-based bookings for microscope systems

Instruments/facilities that may be booked via the web are:

Electron Microscopes (SEM, JEOL 8200 superprobe)

Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope

The booking system may be accessed via the following link: BOOKINGS

NOTE: This site is hosted on an internal server. In order to ensure it authenticates your login correctly please add AD\ in front of your user name (eg AD\your_login_username).

In order to use this system first time users must first register by filling out the form provided by the system. Thereafter you will be able to login using the information you provided.

The following conditions of use apply to all bookings for AAC instrumentation.

Users must have a valid Job number: this is assigned to you once you have completed an internal requisition form (see information above).

Bookings may only be made from within the JCU web environment.

Initial bookings are provisional only until the officer in charge of the instrument/facility validates them.

Ensure you book the instrument for the actual time you require. Once booked, this time is unavailable for other users and you may therefore be charged for the whole period. Cancellations should be made at least two (2) days prior to booked time. Failure to give adequate notice of cancellation may also result in you being charged for this booking.

For analysis requiring specific calibrations/instrument set up prior to your bookings please make officer in charge aware of these requirements (see list of officers on booking page). If there is not sufficient detail on the type of work to be undertaken or time to prepare the instrument beforehand then your booking may be refused.

Ensure all sample preparation is made prior to your booked time. For samples requiring coating for any of the electron microscope systems ensure the samples are submitted at least two (2) working days before the booked time (for large numbers of samples additional time may be required).