Cultural Night and Dinner

6:30pm on 9th July at the Australian College of Applied Psychology, Brisbane, Australia

More details coming soon

Ms Bindu Rajendren

Mohiniattam Dancer and Educator

Bindu Rajendren is a practitioner of Mohiniattam, a traditional dance style from South India. Almost the entirety of her life has revolved around dance as a performer, researcher, writer and educator. She is passionate about advocating for a unique voice in artistic expression whilst relying on the traditional roots and foundations of her dance style.

Bindu sees dance as a powerful tool to experience empathy. She relies on the storytelling and mimetic elements of Indian classical dance to convey impactful stories of people, emotions and our place in the world. Bindu believes that creative storytelling through art can activate community engagement through provocation. As a community dance practitioner, Bindu has worked with many community groups including with the differently abled and the elderly experiencing dementia.

Bindu has performed at international and national festivals and concerts in Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, UAE and India and has collaborated with dancers, theatre artists, visual artists and musicians. She underpins her dances with research and comprehensive study, historical analysis, fundamentals, concepts and aesthetics.

As a dance researcher, Bindu has presented papers at various national and international academic dance conferences and has taught at QUT within the Dance Studies department as a sessional academic.

Bindu has a Master’s in Dance Studies and writes poetry and paints in her free time, drawing her inspiration from dance. An obsession with dance and its constant flow of ideas is what keeps Bindu awake at night.