Wednesday 8 July at the Australian College of Applied Psychology, Brisbane

Dr Samata Vasisht

Founder Director, Synergy Holistic

Samata Vasisht is a medical doctor and Consultant GP who transformed herself from treating illness to a wellbeing facilitator working collaboratively in healing the whole person to achieve full potential. She is an accredited Wellness Workplace Practitioner and is pursuing accreditation as a Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapist. Her practice focuses on evoking love and laughter, promoting an environment of learning to thrive despite adversity impacting health and performance positively.

Samata has coached more than 1500 hours under multiple coaching and has created a resilient leadership framework to enhance engagement and performance through holistic wellbeing initiatives which is an integration of cutting edge neuroscience and ancient wisdom. She is currently the Founder Director of Synergy Holistic.

Andy Roberts

Managing Director, Breathe London and Breathe Australia

Andy Roberts is a former consultant with 13 years’ experience at KPMG. In 2003 he began a new career in leadership coaching and wellbeing. He owns a multi-disciplinary, forty practitioner, wellbeing business in London and divides his time between London, his home in Sydney and his coaching commitments around Australia.

Andy lectures in the Health Professional Self-Care program at James Cook University.

Professor Margaret Carter

Discipline Chair for Counselling, Australian College of Applied Psychology

Professor Margaret Carter commenced with the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP) in 2019. Before coming to ACAP, Margaret was employed at James Cook University where she lectured since 2010, first in Singapore as a Senior Lecturer in Education (2010-2013), then Australia as a Senior Lecturer in Education, and then Associate Professor (2017-2018). Margaret's motivation and challenge has been leading and sustaining meaningful environments that enhance learning and engagement within higher education. Her main areas of research and educational consultancy include mental health and wellness, preventing cyberbullying, and young children’s social behaviour.

Margaret has intentionally intertwined research, teaching and community engagement in all aspects of her work, a process that led to her receiving a National Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning in 2017 for leading a transformative and ethical community of inquiry approach in the guidance and counselling program.

Margaret's scholarship and research in cyber safety and mental health is grounded in her understanding and advocacy that mental health is everyone’s business. Currently, she is leading an internal Learning, Teaching and Student Engagement project that seeks to rethink how the curriculum can better support guidance, counselling, and career development students’ mental health, and how promotion, prevention and early intervention strategies can be integrated into the culture of higher education institutions.

Professor Margaret Carter is AMHHEC 2020 Committee Leader.

Associate Professor Vikki Knott

Discipline Lead, Psychological Sciences, Australian College of Applied Psychology

Vikki has worked in higher education in psychology and counselling for over 20 years. She is Discipline Lead, Psychological Sciences (Brisbane) at the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP). Her interests in teaching and learning include an emphasis on developing curricula which incorporates the development of inter-professional education, collaborative practice, and cultural responsiveness, especially as pertains to integrating Indigenous knowledge and culture into undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. She is also keen to see clinicians trained in the use of digital health to facilitate access to services for underserved groups.

Vikki’s research interests include a focus on the psychosocial aspects of health and the development of interventions aimed at improving health outcomes, including mental health. She is especially committed to conducting research which attempts to address inequities in access to services, including amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, the culturally and linguistically diverse, and for individuals living in rural and remote communities. She is also interested in pursuing research that attempts to understand practitioner attitudes towards tele-health, especially in the context of delivering therapy via Video Conferencing Technology.

The Portal

Scheduled for 6:00pm - 8:30pm and includes light refreshments

Introduction and Q&A session with Tom Cronin, Producer and Co-Writer of The Portal

The Portal brings to life the stories of six very different people who went through crisis, and transformed. They discovered the potential that we all have to change our lives, and our world.

Supported by insights from three of the world’s leading futurists and an empathetic robot, this richly visual and sonically powerful documentary blends personal stories, ancient wisdom, technology, and human potential as it takes the viewer on a global mindfulness journey.

Opening hearts and minds to a new way forward, this life-affirming documentary invites all 7 billion people to reimagine life by entering THE PORTAL.

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